Why Blogging is Important For Business (in 2021)

Why blogging is important for business
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Are you wondering why blogging is important for your business?

You’ve got a great-looking company website, but friends, colleagues, and business contacts have all been telling you the same thing: “you must start writing blog posts”.

With everything that’s going on in the world, is it still worth the effort to start a business blog in 2021?

Here’s the short answer: Yes.

This is the first in a series of posts that explain:

We’ll explain why business blogging has become so prevalent and important, and answer any questions you have about how a blog can benefit your business.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog (The Basics)

Before we look at the benefits of blogging for your company, let’s look at the basic facts.

Not having a business blog is already harming your search rankings.

If you’ve noticed that competitors and suppliers always seem to have something fresh to post on social media, it’s their business blogs driving those posts.

To have a chance of competing, you need to either match or exceed their content output.

The benefits of blogging are well-known in digital marketing. But for a small business without a dedicated team, publishing new content regularly can seem like one admin task too far.

Before we get too down on blogging, remember: A business blog is like the Swiss Army Knife of digital marketing. It performs all sorts of different functions and is therefore worth the investment.

Let’s run through 6 benefits of blogging for your business.

Why blogging is important for business SEO

1. Why Blogging is Important For Business SEO

Online search is still the number one route people use to find a website.

But to earn traffic via search, you have to be in those top search result slots in order to be visible.

That’s why search engine optimisation, or SEO, is such a big deal.

‘They Ask, You Answer’

It’s often said that search engines favour websites that regularly update their content. This is true, but it only tells part of the story.

Blogs also give you opportunities to optimize for long-tail keywords. These are ‘natural’ search phrases (like spoken questions) that you would struggle to cover in a static web page because there are just so many potential variations.

This helps you to answer the questions your customers are asking. It’s a well-known marketing technique made famous by They Ask, You Answer, a near-legendary inboung marketing book.

Answering questions marks you out as an authority, which one of the main benefits of blogging. And the more you post, the more questions you’ll answer.

Creating a Network of Information

A blog also gives you a chance to link to other pages on your site. This can help to guide your reader to even more helpful information.

Google has confirmed that, out of 200 different parameters, links are one of the top 2 factors its algorithms use to judge search position. 

Quality Content is Better than Quantity

If you’re concerned about spending half of your working life writing posts, here’s the good news: you don’t have to post every day.

Yes, sheer weight of numbers can help; the more pages you have for a search engine to index, the higher the chances of someone finding you. 

But the higher the quality of your posts, the more beneficial they’ll be for your customers.

It’s much better to write one detailed, useful guide on something that’s helpful instead of forcing yourself to stick to an artificial blogging schedule.

Why blogging is important for business social media

2. Why Blogging is Important for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is key for companies wanting to drive traffic to their website. Relevant traffic helps to generate leads, and then customers.

But having a few social media accounts is one thing. The content you post on your social media platforms is more important.

A blog gives you an easy win – for every new post, share a link on social, and kickstart the conversation. The hope is that your blog will be good enough to encourage a flurry of shares, putting your business in front of new eyes.

Your Business Blog Should Lead the Conversation

Sharing is definitely a benefit, and your customers probably enjoy seeing content that other people wrote.

But always lead the conversation with your own business blog posts.

This helps to put your business at the centre of your social media marketing campaign, with other content (from non-competitors) providing variety.

Your blog can be used as a source of content for company newsletters and email marketing campaigns. There are lots of tools that will turn your blogs into a newsletter with minimal effort. Two birds, one stone – and a handy nudge to anyone who hasn’t read your latest posts yet!

3. Why Blogging is Important for Business Customers

In content marketing, the old-fashioned hard sell isn’t well suited to modern digital world.

With the internet putting the world at people’s fingertips, consumers and business buyers alike now have all the power.

Your customers don’t want to be bombarded with sales messages. They want to make their own informed decisions by researching different solutions in your industry.

70% of people would rather learn about a company through blog articles rather than by seeing an ad.

- Demandmetric

We make no apology for repeating this: customers look online for answers to questions. Content marketing is about providing the materials that:

Why blogging is important for business sales

As a cornerstone of content marketing, blogs fulfil both functions.

A blog gives you the opportunity to establish a relationship with that visitor which could lead to them becoming a customer. The key is quality. A good business blog post gives your business a human voice: informative, engaging, well-written and, yes, entertaining.

Business Blogging Post-Covid

Not only are we more connected than ever, but we’re also more reliant on the internet to solve our problems and give us answers.

Many of us have spent most of the last year keeping our distance from other humans. As a result, eople who previously didn’t use technology have had no choice but to embrace it.

These habits will persist long after the pandemic is over.

4. Why Blogging is Important for Linger Time

Getting traffic to your website requires investment. You might need to:

Then, once you’ve attracted those visitors to your site, you need to give them a reason to stay.

Quality is a key component of linger time. if someone casually clicks through to a blog you’ve posted and finds something they find engaging and valuable, they are quite likely to explore your content and services.

Using Your Business Blog to Increase Linger Time

There are two interesting consequences of this ‘linger time’ factor.

First, it validates our argument that you need to publish longer blogs with more depth. Yes, we hear plenty these days about how short people’s attention spans are online, which is a common argument for shorter posts, in the interests of keeping people on your site for longer you should really be aiming big.

Second, linger time is widely believed to be another ranking metric used by Google. A three-second increase in average linger time across a site has been shown to correlate to a one-place improvement in search rankings.

Want to see more reasons why longer posts are better than short ones? Here’s our research on how long a blog post should be.

Why blogging is important for business customers

5. Why Blogging is Important When Generating Leads

For all that content marketing is about the indirect approach, the ultimate aim is to convert visitors into leads and then into sales. When blogging for a businesses, you should always include a call-to-action. A call-to-action is a specific phrase that encourages readers to act. This might be something like:
Why blogging is important for your call to action

These are all time-limited calls-to-action specifically linked to your customers’ goals.

And if you’ve used your business blog to promote your company as the best solution to their problem, the call-to-action is an important element that signposts them to the next step.

Writing Lead Magnets

Blog posts can sit at different points in the sales funnel. Each post should have its own call-to-action. And you can use additional assets, called lead magnets, to increase conversions.

For example, you can develop your business blog posts into:

6. Why Blogging is Important for Backlinks

Links are the final consideration when deciding to start a business blog.

Links create new opportunities for people to find your site, and they also build your reputation with search engines.

That’s because Google values both inbound links from other sites and internal links within your own site.

Think of each link as a vote: the more links your site attracts, the more chance you have of ranking for the most competitive keywords in your industry.

And to get links you need good quality business blog posts.

Business websites with a blog earn nearly double the number of inbound links as those without one.

- Hubspot

How to Start Blogging As a Business

If you find the prospect of writing in general a bit daunting, you’re not alone. When you have hundreds of plates to keep in the air, the thought of spending hours writing business blogs to promote your website might not sound very appealing.

Red Robot has been blogging for small businesses since 2009, so we have some tips that can certainly help. In our next post, we’ll look at how to write a business blog post

Ready to start now? Need a little help? Check out our blogging services and hire a writer from Red Robot today.