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We’ve been writing web pages since the early days of SEO, when Google search algorithms started ranking web pages based on the quality of their content. 

If you want to gain a competitive edge online, you need great content. We mix skills in SEO copywriting, journalism, and tech writing, and we’ve been providing web content writing services for more than a decade.

What Our Website Content Writers Deliver

In an age when your website might be the main point of contact between you and your customers, it is hard to overestimate the value of your online content. Right across your digital channels, the quality of your content defines your brand, engages your audiences and ultimately drives sales.

Product and service pages, your online knowledgebase and self-help resources, blogs, reports, ebooks and any other digital marketing materials you need – it all adds up to pages and pages of written content that someone, somewhere has to create. The quality of every page counts not just for SEO, but for the lasting impressions you leave with visitors.

As part of our service, we can:

By hiring Red Robot to take care of your web content requirements, you guarantee first-class professional quality while lifting the burden of a time-consuming task from your internal team.

Website Content FAQ

When you think of building or updating a website, a lot of people talk about the development and design side – the technical programming required to create a functioning website, and the layout and graphic design work needed to make it easy to navigate and attractive to use. But there is a third ingredient that is just as important for creating a great website – all the stuff people read or watch, look at or listen to on the site, otherwise known as the content. 

Although visual and audio content, including video, is increasingly popular, text still represents the lion’s share of online content. Whether it is a product description or ‘About Me’ page, a troubleshooting guide or service case study, an image caption or a written introduction to a video clip, there is plenty to read on pretty much any web page you land on. Someone has to write it all, and that is what a website content writer does.

Yes. A web content writer has to be multi-skilled in terms of the different types of written content that might be required on a site. Writing snappy, succinct headlines and image captions is very different to writing, say, detailed user guides or step-by-step instructions; writing sales-oriented product descriptions means following different conventions to writing a blog article or news story. Across all of these, website content writers have to be able to maintain a consistent tone and style which fits the brand identity, and also pay attention to technical aspects of online writing, such as SEO, providing suitable meta content and so on.

No two projects are the same, but it depends on the number of pages and the word count for each of them.

The cost of writing web content for a small business is much less than it would be for a large company with many services and locations.

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