Looking for a product description writer?

A product description writer will ensure that all of the content on your eCommerce store is optimized.

Investing in original product descriptions will help to elevate your store above the competition. It’ll also ensure you don’t get penalized for posting duplicate or plagiarised content.

Why Hire a Product Description Writer?

The toughest thing about setting up a new eCommerce store is having the time to write all of the product descriptions.

Some store owners are tempted to simply copy the product description from their supplier. But there are grave consequences for publishing duplicated content.

It also doesn’t help to build a brand if all of the descriptions are lifted from other websites.

Hiring a writer for your store is a smart investment. It’ll ensure your product shine, both on your website and in search results. And it’ll add value for your customers. You can tell them exactly what they need to know before they buy.

Our eCommerce writers will:

  • Research your products on manufacturer sites – and even from the item packaging
  • Make your product descriptions readable
  • Make sure your product descriptions contain all of the relevant keywords for the item.

If your competitors are publishing thin, copied, or short product descriptions, you have a golden opportunity to overtake them. We develop both WooCommerce or Shopify content and make sure your store has a chance to rank as it should.

Need a price for your eCommerce content?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a product description writer?

A product description writer is skilled in describing products, detailing the important information about items in your store, and ensuring all content is keyword optimised.

Product descriptions are part of our SEO copywriting services. But we gave them their own page because the techniques we use to write for eCommerce stores are slightly different to normal SEO content.