Content audit services

A content audit can help you to get the best ROI on your content by identifying areas for improvement.

Refreshing your content, improving keyword placement, and adding detail can also give your old content a boost in search.

The Red Robot team can review your content and make recommendations so that you can squeeze every last penny of value out of what’s on your blog.

Over time, old blog posts go stale. Sometimes, we’re all so focused on creating new content that we forget to dig into the archives.

SEO is changing. Your business is growing. And old content can have a negative effect on your website.

Did you know that HubSpot intentionally deleted 3,000 stale blog posts? That just shows how important fresh content is.

Performing a content audit is a two-step process. First we analyse, and then we adjust. You always have complete visibility.

You’ve probably spent a lot of money on content already, so we don’t advise trashing each piece of content and starting again. Often, with a few tweaks, you can improve your rankings and the quality of your content. In a content audit, we can review everything, make recommendations, and implement the changes you want.

Our team will: