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Red Robot has been producing web content since 2010. We’ve blogged for some of the world’s biggest websites, and we can help to give your business a strong voice online.

What Will My Web Copywriter Do?

We have a range of content creation services to support you as your website grows.

New Content

We’ll take your ideas and shape them into new website content.

Edits and Rewrites

Need a little polish? We’ll take what you have and help you to improve it.


We use keywords naturally to help your content to rank.

Weekly blogs

Regular content creation a chore? Outsource it to us.

Need a price?

From one-off content creation projects to weekly or daily blogs, we’ll build a package for you.

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Web Copywriting Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is web copywriting?

Web copywriting is a type of copywriting specifically for websites. We use ‘web copywriting’ to mean blog posts, website pages, and product descriptions.

What information will my web copywriter need?

Some clients only give us a loose brief for their content and allow us to steer it in the direction we think is best. For other projects, we’ll work more closely with you to make sure we get information upfront.

We usually need more input on static web page content, and less for blog posts. For all work, it’s a good idea to have your keywords worked out first.

How do you quote for web copywriting services?

We typically quote by the hour. We’ll try to give you a fixed price so it’s easy to budget for your content.

If you buy blogging services from us, we’ll charge the same amount for each post if they’re all the same length.

Which content writer will work on my website?

We’ll assign a writer at the start. This will be the writer that you work with throughout your project. We don’t switch projects between writers unless it’s absolutely unavoidable (for example, if someone is il).

What do the best web copywriting services cost?

Any service we buy online can be found at a range of prices. The key thing to consider is the value that you’ll get. Paying a little more often means that you get a better quality result, and you need to do fewer edits on the content to make it fit your website.

What’s the best way to optimise web content?

We recommend that you install an SEO plugin on your CMS. For example, you can install the free version of Yoast SEO so it’s easy to optimise the title and meta description of each post.

Will you put my content into WordPress for me?

Yes, we can do that. We can also put it into CMSs, knowledge bases, or any other tool you use.