Most of our web copywriting projects don’t include any copy for the 404 page, but maybe we should think about writing some in future!¬†Fresh from this week’s Popbitch newsletter, here’s a Pinterest board from Matthew Keys featuring the best ‘Page Not Found’ web page copy from sites all over the world.

I love the playable Pac Man game on the Blue Fountain Media website, but the text on the Huwshimi and Hootsuite 404 pages is great too.

Maybe it’s time we started including error pages in our web copywriting quotes? (Via Popbitch)

Incidentally, this week’s Popbitch features a shout out for the web design services of Northern Comfort. We agree: Rob is ace. If you need help with your website, email him right now.

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Claire Broadley

Technical writer, blogger, and editor at Red Robot Media
Claire Broadley has been a technical author and web content writer at Red Robot since 2010. She contributes to dozens of websites, focusing on consumer technology, online privacy, digital marketing, and small business topics.
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