User guide maintenance service

User guide maintenance is essential if you want your documentation to keep up with your products.

Hire us ad-hoc or on a monthly retainer to keep your user manuals up-to-date.

Why Use Our User Guide Maintenance Service?

It’s common for user manuals to go stale in the scramble to release new features. But every time your product or service changes, your user guide should change too.

Without constant updates, tweaks, and improvements, you could be losing customers and adding to the strain on your service desk.

Asking developers or support staff to update documentation isn’t always practical. That’s where our maintenance service helps.

Red Robot can:

  • Dedicate time each month to maintain your documentation
  • Offer guaranteed technical writing resource on a retainer basis
  • Combine document maintenance with other services, like translation and format conversion.

You can pay for maintenance ad-hoc when you feel an update is necessary, or pay for a technical writer on retainer. If you opt for the retainer, we’ll give you a 10% discount on our usual daily rate when you sign up for six months or longer.

Need a quote for user guide maintenance?

Let us know if you’re thinking about a retainer and we’ll include the 10% discount.

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User Guide Maintenance FAQ

What is user guide maintenance?

User guide maintenance lets you outsource the management of your user manuals to Red Robot. This is an essential service if you have an evolving product, but you don’t have a dedicated person on your team to keep your documentation updated.

What kind of user manuals do you maintain?

We maintain both hardware and software user guides in a variety of formats.

What happens when you update a user guide?

We continually review your user guide and implement any changes. We can then produce a new version on demand in all of the formats that you originally published in.

How does a technical writing retainer work?

When you hire us on a retainer, you’re basically pre-booking your technical writer for a certain number of days each month. This ensures that you always have someone on-call on the agreed days to implement changes.

We can work with your team to sync up our availability so that all of your changes are incorporated on time.

How many retainer days do I need?

The number of retainer days you need each month will vary according to the pace of change and the size of your documentation. Our clients typically organise retainers for between 0.5 and 4 days a week.