User guide conversion service

Do you need to convert your documentation to a different format? Perhaps your user guide in Word or PDF is difficult to maintain and update?

Our technical writers can adapt, reformat, and convert your user guide. We can also output the same content in multiple formats instantly, giving you better ROI on your technical documentation.

Many businesses start out writing user guides in Word, PDF, or InDesign. Over time, user guides in these formats become increasingly difficult to maintain. As well as being difficult to manage, you’ll probably also find that you have a number of different versions circulating at the same time.

Our technical authors can convert your user guide to a format you can more easily manage. We can also produce the same core content in multiple formats using pre-set layouts. This makes it easy to keep everything in sync.

Red Robot will:

You can pay for user guide format conversion ad-hoc when you feel it is necessary. Alternatively, you can combine it with our maintenance service.