User guide conversion service

Do you need to convert your documentation to a different format? Perhaps your user guide in Word or PDF is difficult to maintain and update?

Our technical writers can adapt, reformat, and convert your user guide. We can also output the same content in multiple formats instantly, giving you better ROI on your technical documentation.

About User Guide Conversion

Many businesses start out writing user guides in Word, PDF, or InDesign. Over time, user guides in these formats become increasingly difficult to maintain. As well as being difficult to manage, you’ll probably also find that you have a number of different versions circulating at the same time.

Our technical authors can convert your user guide to a format you can more easily manage. We can also produce the same core content in multiple formats using pre-set layouts. This makes it easy to keep everything in sync.

Red Robot will:

  • Convert your user guide to a format that makes sense for your users
  • Structure the content in a way that makes it easier to update
  • Output the same content for online and offline use; this makes updating all formats almost instant.

You can pay for user guide format conversion ad-hoc when you feel it is necessary. Alternatively, you can combine it with our maintenance service.

Need a quote for user guide conversion?

Let us know what format you’re using and what you’d like to switch to.

User Guide Conversion FAQ

What is user guide conversion?

User guide conversion is the process of taking an old user guide and producing it in a new format. This isn’t just a case of using an automatic conversion, since this rarely produces good results. Instead, we meticulously review, update, and convert each page to make sure you get a high-quality result.

What formats do you work with?

Our technical authors use a range of tools. We work with Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML5, ePub, Google Drive, Adobe InDesign, and content derived from forums and websites. We can convert to and from any of these formats.

Can I create a user guide in Word?

Yes, it’s possible to create a user guide in Microsoft Word and get a good result. However, the more complicated a document gets, the more difficult it is to keep it updated. If your user guide needs to be reviewed by multiple people, or it needs to be circulated around your team often, we don’t recommend Word as a good format for user guides.

If you have a user guide in Word and you’re finding it hard to work with, we can convert it to a different format for you.

Do you offer graphic design?

No, user guides and documentation typically don’t require graphic design. We can provide technical illustrations and screenshots, and we’ll also use your company branding for your user guide. Anything more complicated is beyond the scope of a typical user guide.

Our technical writers can produce user guides in Adobe InDesign, but we typically would only do this if a client has already got an InDesign user guide that they want to match it to. We don’t recommend InDesign as a primary format.

What is single-sourcing?

In technical writing, single-sourcing is the practice of having one source for all documents. This means you only have to apply updates and changes to the master copy. Once that’s done, you can generate the core content in different formats, including Word, PDF, ePUB, HTML5, and WebHelp.

Single-sourcing is a very efficient way to produce technical documentation. It makes updates much easier and allows you to convert your content to different formats almost instantly.

Typically, we use single-sourcing for any customer that wants to output to an online format (HTML5, WebHelp) and an offline format (Word, PDF). It can also be very useful for duplicated sections, or several products that share many features between them.