Our technical writing service is flexible. Hire a technical writer on demand when you need documentation, or let us keep your manuals up to date over time.

Why Use Red Robot for Technical Writing?

Documenting your product or service properly can feel like a mammoth task. Sometimes it never gets finished at all.

Our team has more than 10 years’ experience of working with clients on technical writing assignments. Many clients just hire us when they need us, saving time, hassle, and money.

Red Robot can:

We can create any document that your users need, from 1-page quick start guide through to system documentation running to hundreds of pages.

Technical Writing FAQ


A technical writer creates documentation to support a product or service. Typically, businesses use our technical writing service if they don’t have a full-time technical author on their team. Because we work on projects, not time, we offer a more affordable alternative to an office-based or contract writer.

A technical writer is a writer that specialises in producing user manuals and technical documentation.

Technical writers write in plain language so that their work is easy to read and easy to translate. Each member of our team has been trained in a particular style of writing that ensures users can understand our instructions even if English is not their first language.

Technical writers research the subject matter for your documentation themselves. Typically this means working with your team to find out what they need to know to write your manual.

There may be slightly different definitions, depending on who you ask. But a technical author and a technical writer generally do the same work. We find that the term technical author is used more frequently in the UK, while technical writer is used more in the US and internationally.


No two projects are the same, so this is a tough question to answer. When quoting, our technical writers consider:

  • Your existing documentation, and any extra research required
  • The format(s) you want to publish in
  • The level of detail in the technical information you want to publish
  • The experience that your audience has already
  • Illustrations or diagrams that need to be produced.

For example, you’ll barely get any documentation in the box when you buy an iPhone. But a two-way radio will probably come with a printed user manual. So the size of the task is not determined by the complexity of the product.

The best way to compare tech writing costs is to think about what your users need, and how that information would be best delivered. It’s also a good idea to think about user guide maintenance and the likely cost of keeping your user manuals up-to-date. We can help you with that as well.

Yes. We can publish in a number of different formats, including HTML5 and webhelp. We can also put your user guide into an online knowledge base, CMS, or forum, or produce blog posts that you can share on social media.

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