Hire a Technical

A technical proofreader can help to ensure that your documentation is clear.

Technical proofreading can be useful after translation, or when a user guide has grown over time.

Our technical writers can proofread your documentation, bring it up-to-date, and ensure it meets your high standards.

Why Hire a Technical Proofreader?

Technical documentation should be as consistent as possible so that everyone can understand it.

You’ll want to make sure that your content is clear and accurate to avoid increased demand on your support desk.

Over time, it’s also common for mistakes to appear in technical documentation, even if it was originally accurate. This is especially true when:

Our technical authors have many years of experience in applying consistency to user guides. With our support, you can iron out the wrinkles and ensure that your documentation is error-free.

Technical Proofreading FAQ

Technical proofreading is the process of checking a technical document for mistakes.

The document might be out-of-date, or there may be errors in the language or grammar. 

A technical proofreader can also check the steps in your guides to make sure you’ve documented everything that needs to be included.

Like any writing or editing project, the time it takes for proofreading varies quite a bit.

If your document contains mostly text, and the language is fairly straightforward, it’ll be faster than a document with lots of images and complex terminology.

We prefer to work directly in the user guide document, since that’s generally the fastest way to process changes.

However, if you intent to change the user manual format, now’s a good time to do that in parallel.

We typically work in specialist software that allows us to produce manuals in lots of different formats. But if all you need is a proofread of what you already have, we will try to work in the format that you already use to save any problems with importing and exporting.

For software, we typically need a login so we can run through everything in the manual.

For hardware devices, we typically ask for a loan device which we will return to you after the content has been signed off. If this isn’t possible, we’ll need to visit you. During Covid-19, we are working hard to find ways to make visits safe. 

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