Do you need new user manuals?

Are you looking for a UK technical writer to produce or maintain user manuals? Perhaps you need a technical author to revise your user manual or convert it to a new format?

Red Robot offers a range of technical documentation services to help you create accurate, attractive user guides. We’ll also help you to maintain your user guides as your products evolve.

How We Create User Manuals

A good user manual solves customer challenges and cuts the workload for your help desk.


We use your existing documents and notes to start.


Our technical authors create your user guide in your chosen format.


We can translate content or make videos to go with your user guide.


We can review your release notes or visit your office for updates.

Why your business needs a great user manual

A user manual isn’t just an instruction book. It’s a vital component in your support strategy too. Every customer that finds an answer in your user guide is one less support ticket or call for your service desk.

No matter what type of documentation you need, Red Robot can help. We produce online documentation and printed user guides for both software and hardware products.

We can also offer have a user guide maintenance service to keep your documentation up-to-date.

Our team has been writing technical documents for more than 10 years. We have the skills, tools, and experience to create documentation that’s clear and professional.

Need a price?

User guides can range from 1 to 1,000 pages.

Get in touch — we’ll give you a fixed cost estimate.

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User Manuals Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user manual?

A user manual is a document that demonstrates how to use a product or service.

You can choose to give your users a quick-start guide or a full manual, depending on your product and budget.

What types of user manuals do you produce?

Red Robot produces documentation for hardware and software. We publish user manuals online, in Word, as a PDF, and in other formats. We can also work in Adobe InDesign.

How much does a simple user manual cost?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a simple answer since every user manual is different.

We take many things into account when developing a quote for user manuals, including:

  • the product or service
  • the complexity or level of experience your users have
  • the format(s) you want to produce
  • how complicated your layout or branding will be.

If you send us a quick message with an outline of your requirements, we should be able to get a quote to you a couple of days.

Do you offer graphic design for user manuals?

We can apply your branding to your user guide, but we don’t offer graphic design services. If you need tweaks to your logo or branding, it’s best to get that done first.

Can you visit our office?

Yes, if social distancing can be maintained safely. Site visits are likely to be limited during Covid-19 disruption. We recommend using Zoom or Skype where possible.