Nadine Haram-Hachach Proximie TEDTalk

One of Red Robot’s clients has become an internet hit after her TEDTalk video smashed the million views mark.

Nadine Haram-Hachach, co-founder of medtech company Proximie, delivered a talk outlining her vision for the future of healthcare at the prestigious TEDWomen 2017 event in New Orleans.

Since then, the video of her presentation on how technology can break down barriers that hamper access to surgery worldwide has been viewed more than a million times on the website.

It has also attracted more than 60k hits on YouTube.

Nadine Haram-Hachach Proximie TEDTalk
Red Robot client Nadine Haram-Hachach’s TEDWomen appearance has reached over one million views online.

Proximie is a groundbreaking Augmented Reality (AR) platform which allows surgeons to collaborate on procedures and share expertise from anywhere in the world. From a simple app downloaded on a smartphone, laptop or tablet, Proximie allows specialist surgical skills and knowledge to reach where they are needed most.

Or as Nadine puts it: “From one device to another, over distance, a specialist can virtually ‘scrub in’ over an internet connection, and use AR to make their presence felt in theatre, guiding, mentoring and demonstrating.

“AR…allows two people in remote locations to interact virtually in a way which mimics what they would experience if they were collaborating in the same room.”

Nadine’s talk at the annual TEDWomen conference focused on how digital technologies like AR would be critical in meeting booming demand for healthcare services caused by growing, aging populations.

She explained how concepts such as ‘remote surgery’ encapsulated by the Proximie app could help bring safe care to the most hard-to-reach places, drastically reduce costs and waiting times, and train the next generation of multi-skilled practitioners in the number required.

Red Robot Media has had the pleasure of working with Proximie since 2016. As well as writing blogs and articles for the company’s website, we create features and profiles for third-party publications, prepare and draft marketing content, and provide a consultancy service for speeches and presentations.

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Paul Newham is a content writer, journalist, and PR specialist for Red Robot Media. He works on a variety of blogging and content production assignments for business clients.
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