If you need somebody to copy edit or proofread your technical content, Red Robot Media can help.

Our technical authors and content writers have carried out proofreading and copy editing assignments for small businesses all over the world. We also work with software vendors and big brands; we’ve edited technical manuals for Pioneer Japan.

We can proofread technical or business content, or commit to more detailed copy edits. Often, clients come to us for a final polish when a document has been translated.

Proofreading Services

Proofreading services are used when content is essentially ‘ready to publish’. When we proofread, we are looking for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

When we accept a document for proofreading, we’ll make three initial checks:

  • The content must be in a final draft stage.
  • The piece must be complete, with all structure and headings in place, as they will appear in the final version.
  • We should not be expected to add or remove sections, write new sections, or make major changes during proofreading.

Think of the proofread as the final polish: the last check before you go live.

If you need more support with your technical content, consider having it copy edited instead.

Copy Editing Services

Copy editing is suitable for content that is not quite finished. If you know a piece needs work to bring it up to a professional standard, our technical writers can help.

When we copy edit, we might rephrase the content, add or remove sections, and improve the flow by altering the wording:

  • We can add headings, improve structure, and introduce or remove keywords.
  • We improve the tone or flow, add links or rephrase certain sections.
  • Our writers may reorder the content to make it flow more comfortably.
  • We’ll check your links and citations.

Copy editing is ideal if the ideas within the content are sound, but the copy itself needs a helping hand.

What We Need

Copy editing and proofreading are only suitable for technical content that is factually correct, and of a reasonable quality. We will not copy edit thin content, plagiarised content, or articles that have been spun; we’ll check material using plagiarism scanners before we confirm the order.

Additionally, please remember that proofreading is a final ‘surface polish’; it will not fix issues with low quality content.

If your content is poor, we may recommend that the whole piece is rewritten. If rewriting is required, it will be charged at our usual technical content writing rates. We’ll ask you to confirm this before we begin.

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