Red Robot Media produces technical content for business. Our SEO copywriters have many years’ experience working in the IT industry. They have produced thousands of blogs, and the majority are on technical topics.

Our technical blogging service covers the full range of business sectors. We write for tradespeople, local stores and multinational cloud providers. Across all industries, optimised technical content is our key focus.

What is Technical Content?

Technical contentContent is the driving force behind successful marketing campaigns. Whether you’re fuelling a PPC campaign, or publishing blogs to social media, high quality content is a prerequisite.

Technical content is more specialised than general content. The writer needs a technical background in order to write convincingly. Our SEO copywriters are also technical authors, so we can produce the perfect crossover content: authentic, knowledgeable articles that are search engine optimised.

Typically, clients want technical content that falls into the following categories:

  • Blogs, articles and in-depth how-to guides
  • Guest blogs and ghost-written content
  • Product descriptions
  • Reviews of apps, software or hardware
  • Analysis of analytics, SEO and inbound marketing techniques
  • Ebooks and white papers
  • White label content

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Technical Content: Quality Matters

Technical content writers specialise in business subjects, typically in the IT sector. Our technical writers are experienced in writing about cloud technology, apps, marketing, ITIL, social media and consumer hardware. That makes us the perfect people to produce content for your marketing campaigns.

When you order content from unqualified writers, you may have to rewrite it before it can be published. With us, the content is more focused. We have vital industry experience that results in more authentic content.

In terms of the production process, we’re entirely flexible and responsive. Some clients hire us to produce technical content on a regular basis. Others simply want a one-off piece of content. If you need articles, white papers or ebooks, ask to see our portfolio examples.

Our technical copywriters create content with authority that stands up to scrutiny. In turn, this helps to reinforce your online presence and inspires trust in your brand.

If you need technical content, contact us now to find out how affordable we are.

Technical Content FAQs

Who will write my technical content?
All technical content is written by Claire Broadley, an experienced technical content writer and trained technical author. Claire has 6 years’ experience writing technical content for the web, and holds qualifications from Microsoft and ITIL. She has written for some major UK and global brands, and writes weekly for dozens of small businesses. Read more about Claire on her LinkedIn page. Unlike some companies, we do not outsource any work to third parties, so we can assure quality and consistency.
What kind of technical content do you supply?
We can supply technical blogs, static website content, tutorial and how-to videos, listicles, guides, reviews, newsletters, white papers and technical proofreading or copy editing services. If you need a user guide for your application, we also provide technical authoring services. If you require a service not listed here, just ask.
Can I have a free sample blog?
Many new clients pre-pay for one or two trial blogs before setting up a permanent arrangement with us. This allows you to sample our services and see how we work. We cannot provide free samples, as we receive too many enquiries to make this feasible.
What's included in the price?
We’ll give you a quote based on the number of articles you need, and the length and detail you require. We can add additional services, like images, or direct upload of drafts to your blog or CMS. You can read more about pricing in this blog post.Clients that order a large amount of technical content will be offered a discount.
Who provides the titles for my blogs? How much control do I have?
Some clients like to have full control over their technical content, and send us precise directions and titles for every blog. Other prefer us to carry out all of the research and idea generation. We are happy to tailor our approach to suit you.
How many technical blogs should I need?
We recommend that you post a new blog every week, if your budget allows. However, some of our clients order just one blog per month, while others order more than 25 per month. There is no correct answer; it depends on your overall strategy. We can tailor our technical content quotes according to your resources and content plan.
What kind of topics do you cover in technical blogs?
Claire specialises in WordPress, social media/ inbound marketing, hosting, hardware/ software, search engine optimisation, cloud, data quality, gadgets, STEM, smart home/ IoT, technology trends & innovations, personal finance and small business topics. She has up-to-date knowledge of content strategy and SEO best practice.
When do I pay for my technical blogs?
We offer three payment options: advance, monthly or retainer. Advance payment gives you the freedom to pay upfront for quick orders. Monthly payment means you’ll pay by bank transfer for the content supplied in that month, up to your credit limit; you’ll need to sign our work agreement first. Finally, with a retainer, we will offer a small discount on your content if your order exceeds a certain value and you pay upfront for it. (Clients outside the UK may be asked to pay in advance, regardless of the option they choose.)
How do I pay?
We prefer bank transfer, but we can also accept card payments and Direct Debit. We take payment via bitcoin, but prefer to avoid PayPal.
What should I do if my content needs to be changed?
All technical content is provided with a guarantee. If you need anything to be changed, or rewritten, we are happy to carry out unlimited revisions within two weeks of delivery until the content is exactly what you need. If we have not had any change requests after two weeks after delivery, we assume that the content has been accepted and the revision period will close.
Can I pay you for a link from a third party website?
Claire has author accounts with the Huffington Post and Business2Community. However, we do not sell links on these sites, and we do not accept payment to place clients’ blogs on these sites.
Do you offer same-day turnaround?
Claire prefers 7 days’ notice, although she can sometimes turn things around more quickly, depending on workload. We recommend that you always give us 48 hours’ notice, minimum, to be sure of getting your content on time.
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