Our retainer service gives you guaranteed resource on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s designed for clients that regularly release updates to their documentation.

When you hire our technical authors on a retainer basis, you benefit from regular resource and consultancy. Our writers work in tandem with your team, whether we’re working in our office, or in yours.

Most of our clients use retainers for software documentation, but you can also purchase a retainer if you need ongoing blogging support for your business, help videos, fixed website content or anything else we offer.

Retainer days are offered at a lower price, compared to our standard rates, because we recognise the increased efficiency that long-term partnerships create.

Why Hire Us On a Retainer?

Red Robot Media has two full-time, fully trained technical authors. We have also recently hired two additional writers to broaden the content that we supply.

  • All technical authors work most effectively when they can continually build knowledge and engage with the wider business. By hiring our writers on a retainer, you’re guaranteed get the same writer every time you need an update. We work together with your in-house technical team, as a regular employee would, or we can provide services remotely and collaborate in the cloud.
  • In many cases, we can start work within a few days, saving you the time and expense of recruitment.
  • Building product knowledge results in lower overheads for both sides, and results in better quality documentation. That’s why Red Robot Media can offer preferential rates to retainer customers who commit to our retainers. This constant connection with the business helps to avoid documentation ‘pass the parcel’, ensuring improved consistency and relevancy, and a more coherent result.
  • Retainers guarantee writing resource when your business needs it most. Regardless of our workload, your pre-booked time will be reserved. That cuts down on delays during busy periods, and ensures rapid turnaround on each new release.
  • Our retainers are flexible, so the time you pre-pay can be spent any of our services. If you skip a release, and you don’t need documentation, you can spend the time on content, blogs or video instead.

Requirements and Terms

A sample retainer contract can be supplied on request. The list that follows is a basic overview of the terms of our standard retainer agreement:

  • The retainer rate for a technical author is charged per day; a day is 7.5 working hours.
  • We require bank transfer or Direct Debit payments within 21 days of invoice.
  • Timesheets are logged via our cloud project management tool.
  • Retainers must be pre-paid. Time is not booked in until payment is received, so non-payment will cause delays.
  • Time that is not used in its designated month is carried forward for a maximum of two months. After this, it expires permanently.
  • Work you order beyond the pre-paid retainer time is billable at our standard rate, with our standard payment terms. The standard rate will be noted on your agreement.
  • We require a minimum term of 2 months initially, and there’s a minimum notice period of 30 days for variation or cancellation after that.
  • We can supply a maximum of one technical documentation writer for on-site attendance, subject to availability and costs (including travel, travel time, subsistence and expenses). For a simpler and more cost-effective option, your technical author can work remotely, which is our preferred option.
  • All website content, blogging and video work is carried out remotely from our Leeds office. These services cannot be provisioned on-site.

Find Out More About Technical Authoring on Retainer

If you’re interested in hiring our technical authors, we’d be pleased to provide a free consultation via phone or Skype. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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