Technical documentation is rarely complete. Over time, the content evolves, and each release brings a new requirement for updates and new content. Some businesses import products with documentation that has been translated, which can lead to errors and problems for the end user.

Our technical authors can proofread your content and check the technical wording. We can also restructure and rewrite sections to improve the consistency of the language and layout. This makes the documentation much more useful for the user. For example: we edited technical manuals for Pioneer after they were translated from the original Japanese.

After updates or translation, proofreading technical documents is essential to ensure consistency and clarity. Hire us to review your manuals and user guides.

When to Hire Us

Proofreading should be the final stage in your documentation process, and should be carried out only when the writing or translation is complete. When we proofread, we are looking for grammatical and spelling mistakes, rather than documenting new features.

Do You Need a Rewrite?

Red Robot will not proofread thin content, plagiarised text, or unfinished work. We do not copy edit articles that have been spun or stolen, and we’ll check material using plagiarism scanners before we confirm the order.

If your content is poor, we may recommend that the whole piece is rewritten. If rewriting is required, it will be charged at our usual technical authoring rates. We’ll ask you to confirm this before we begin.

Your technical proofreader

Claire Broadley

Claire Broadley is a trained technical writer and experienced blogger. Claire has extensive experience in writing and improving technical content. Read more.

Got a question?

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