If you need regular help from a technical author, but you don’t want a full-time employee, you can hire our technical writers on a retainer basis.

Our retainer plan gives you guaranteed resource each month, pre-booked for your company, and available for any projects you’d like us to work on. Retainers are designed for clients that regularly release updates to their hardware or software documentation, and require regular updates from a technical author they can trust.

Our writers work in tandem with your team, whether we’re working in our office, or in yours. And retainer days are offered at a lower price than regular work in recognition of the longer-term commitment.

If you need a named contact person, but you don’t necessarily need a technical author full-time, our retainers are the ideal solution.

Our retainer agreement lets you pre-book guaranteed resource from your technical author. Plans start at 2 days per month, and you’ll enjoy a preferential rate.

Example Terms

All of our retainer agreements are custom-made to suit your technical authoring requirements.

Typically, we require a minimum of 2 days’ commitment per month. A day is 7.5 working hours. Time must be pre-paid via UK bank transfer or Direct Debit; we will soon offer euro payment options for our EU clients. Prompt payment is required to ensure the time is reserved.

Unless otherwise arranged, we’ll assume that you only need remote resource. You can opt to have a technical author attend on-site for an additional fee. Timesheets are logged via our cloud project management tool. Resource that is not used in its designated month is carried forward for a maximum of two months. After this, it expires permanently.

Work you order beyond the pre-paid retainer time is billable at our standard rate, with our standard payment terms. The standard rate will be noted on your agreement.

There’s a minimum notice period of 30 days for variation or cancellation.

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