Sometimes you need a technical author to work on-site with your team. We can help. Our on-site technical writing service is designed to provide a flexible alternative to hiring contract or temporary staff to produce technical documents, without the expense or delay of recruitment.

When you need a trained and experienced technical writer to work with your team on a project, you can simply call in and pre-book the time you require. Our writers can also film on-site product demonstrations and embed the video into your user guides, manuals and help documentation.

You can opt to book technical writers on retainer to benefit from preferential rates.

Hire a technical author to work on-site at your company’s office or remote location. You get the flexibility of technical author resource on demand, without the need to recruit temporary staff.

Why Bring a Technical Writer On-Site?

Red Robot believes in the flexibility and cost savings of remote working. But we recognise that there are some situations where a technical author needs to attend in person. Our on-site technical writing service offers guaranteed accessible resource anywhere in the world.

When you hire a technical writer to work on-site, you get the same person each time you come back to us. This helps to ensure that your documentation is clean and consistent.

You don’t need to recruit a contractor, or deal with the delay of bringing in a temporary member of staff to complete a project. And because you can have on-site resource on demand, you only need to hire a technical author when there is a project for them to work on.

Fast and Efficient Technical Writing Resource

Our technical writing services are tailor-made to deliver high-quality content for all types of technical documents, from user manuals to data sheets and other types of product documentation. As an on-site resource, our technical writing services can deliver the content you need as an when you need it, with a rapid turnaround without any long-term commitments.

Where possible, your technical author will combine remote and on-site working to deliver the best cost savings. This also allows us to work more efficiently.

For example: your technical author could attend for several days for onboarding, and then draft the documents remotely at our office in Leeds. Alternatively, you can block book one of our specialist writers to attend on-site for the duration of a specific project. Many clients engage us for days or weeks at a time when they need to produce manuals for a new software release, for example.

Red Robot’s technical writers can attend anywhere in the world from our UK base.

Types of Technical Document

Our skilled team of professional technical authors can produce top quality content for a full range of technical document types, including manuals, end-user documentation, technical reports and technical communications.

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On-site Technical Writing Service FAQs

Do you offer on-site service for all technical writing jobs?

Yes. Whether we work on your project remotely or whether we come to your premises will depend entirely on your preferences and needs. At the start of the process, we will talk through the benefits and potential costs of each option and give our professional opinion on how they meet your requirements before we present a formal proposal for working. Once we start, we are also completely flexible about changing from remote working to coming on site and vice versa. If something crops up where you feel it would be easier to manage if one of our writers was on site with you, we will only be too happy to oblige.

I’m looking for added value from my on-site contractor – what other services can you provide besides technical writing?

We are proud of the years of experience our writers have in technical writing and business content creation, and how that enables us to offer such a comprehensive range of services to our clients. We understand completely that with an on-site service, our clients take on extra costs, and are looking for added value to make it worth their while.

With Red Robot Media, you get time-served professional writers who work to the highest quality standards, guaranteed. Our team includes experienced project managers who are able to take responsibility for the entire production process for your documentation, from drawing up proposals and guidelines to final editing, proofreading and publication.

We can also provide consulting services relating to your technical documentation, for example by undertaking a scoping project to outline the types of document you might need, the format, the costs, the potential impact and so on. We are happy to work in this kind of advisory and consultancy role as suits your needs, whether that is in a long-term capacity or just dipping in now and again to offer our expertise.

Alongside consulting, we can also provide training services for the use of MadCap Flare and MadCap Contributor so you are able to update user guides and manuals in-house once they have been published. Training is one area of our technical authoring service that we do recommend takes place on-site rather than remotely, so we can give staff a thorough overview of the software.

Can you produce PR and marketing materials to accompany technical documentation?

Yes. Technical documents often contain information that it is worth communicating to a wider audience in a more concise, easy-to-digest format. You might, for example, be introducing an important product update that you want to publicise as far as possible. What makes Red Robot unique is that we can write the updated user or product guide, and do your PR and marketing content, all under the same roof – one stop for all of your needs.

With our combined professional technical writing and business content team, we can take the salient points of your new technical document and turn them into press releases, blogs, consumer-friendly summaries and so on. If there is something in your new technical document you really want to promote, we can produce an accompanying ebook explaining the changes, or create a white paper setting out the importance of your latest product in the market.

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