How-to videos help your users to quickly understand your product. Video production is one of our technical authoring services, and we produce a range of video content to help you to onboard and support your customers.

Our help videos are short explainers that walk users through a process. You might produce a video to show people how to install your software, or how to accomplish specific tasks, like a hardware device installation.

Our technical authors create how-to videos to demonstrate product features. Incorporate screencasts, product photos, and video demonstrations filmed on-site.

Designing Your How-to Videos

We produce how-to videos in Camtasia Studio, and we can incorporate elements of screencasts and live action.

Videos can be linked together with a playlist, and published in a number of locations. You might embed help videos into your user guide, publish them on a blog, or leverage the power of YouTube to generate interest in the product you offer.

Our technical authors have produced help videos for software and hardware products, training courses and apps. We can embed interactive quizzes, reviews, and step-by-step instructions.

We price how-to videos according to the quantity of videos you need, your branding requirements, and the process that you want to cover. If you need more than one video, getting them all produced at the same time will be the most cost-effective option.

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