Our technical authoring services give you complete freedom to outsource the production and maintenance of your documentation. From complete user guides through to Quick Start leaflets, we have the skills, experience, and resources to develop attractive, high-quality documents.

The Red Robot team can document many products remotely, at minimal cost to you. We use cloud collaboration software, video calling, and time tracking tools to give you complete oversight as your documentation is developed. Alternatively, you can engage our UK technical authors to work in your office, anywhere in the world.

Our technical authors create user guides, quick start sheets, and full system documentation. Opt for HTML 5 responsive web help, PDFs, or another format of your choice.

What Are Technical Authoring Services?

If you’ve got a new software application, an app, or a hardware device, our technical authoring services offer many different options for getting quality user guides and documentation developed.

We create online HTML 5 web help using Madcap Flare, and this can be uploaded to your server, with optional context-sensitive links that can be embedded into the application itself.

If your users prefer to refer to a paper document or static file, we can output Word and PDF documents from the same source material. This gives you the ability to keep offline and online versions of the same manual completely in sync.

Our UK technical authors also produce help in ebook format. And our technical authoring services also include video production, including how-to videos. Where necessary, we can film hardware being used on-site, and turn that demonstration into a video for your customers.

Complete Technical Authoring Support

As a company, we specialise in technical writing, so we go beyond simple user guides and documentation.

We can offer technical proofreading and copy editing, which is particularly handy if your manual has been translated from another language. We can also produce companion blogs to announce your new release, explain new areas of the software, or showcase specific features.

If your user guide is out of date, allow us to review, edit, and update it. We can do this once, or book in regular updates each time you release a new version of your product.

All of our web help includes the possibility to create completely custom layouts, shedding the old-fashioned ‘web help’ look that some applcations create. Help systems are output in compliant HTML 5, and look great on smartphones and widescreen monitors, thanks to the responsive code.

As enthusiastic users of the Madcap Suite, we’d be pleased to demo the features of Madcap Flare, which is our preferred authoring tool. Your employees can even review and contribute to our content using Madcap Contributor, which we’ll train them to use.

Your technical author

Mathew Dixon is our lead technical author with 6 years’ professional experience. He works primarily in Madcap Flare and Camtasia Studio. Read more.

Got a question?

Our UK technical authors are standing by to answer your questions. Just drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you later today.

User Guide Examples

Technical Authoring FAQs

If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us for a speedy reply.

Who will write my user guide or manual?

Most of our documentation is produced by Mathew, an experienced technical author and Madcap Flare expert. Mathew has worked on everything from Quick Start guides to comprehensive system manuals.

Our technical content writer, Claire Broadley, offers additional resource for large projects. Claire and Mathew have co-written a Camtasia Studio guide for technical authors.

Unlike some companies, we do not secretly outsource our work. Your named writer is always available during office hours, in your own timezone, and is responsible for ensuring quality.

Where do your technical authors work?

Our technical authors can work on-site at your office, or remotely. Remote working offers considerable cost savings compared to on-site work, so we recommend this where it is practical.

Regardless of location, our technical authors carry out weekly reviews with all clients via phone or Skype. Red Robot also provides unlimited logins to our cloud project management tool, so you can see what’s happening and create tasks for us to complete.

Which documentation tools do you prefer?

Our preferred authoring tool is Madcap Flare, and we prefer Camtasia Studio for video work. If your organisation is already using a different tool, we can usually support it.

For website content, we author in any CMS, including helpdesks like Zendesk, or blogging software like WordPress. Our team has been using WordPress for more than a decade.

How do you bill for technical authoring services?

Where possible, we try to provide fixed or capped quotes for documentation. Invoices are provided monthly. To ensure rapid progress, we ask that invoices are settled on time.

If you opt for a retainer, your technical authoring service will be billed in advance.

What languages can you write in?

All documentation is created in British English. We can provide translations for an additional fee.

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