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Article marketing: does your SEO copywriter know the rules?

May 11th, 2012
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Google are constantly tweaking their algorithms to make sure search results are relevant. It’s the job of SEO analysts to stay ahead of the game, and it’s the job of SEO copywriters to interpret their requirements. If you hire a freelance writer like me to help with article marketing, you need to ensure they know about Google’s Penguin update.

So what’s Penguin?

In a bid to weed out poor-quality web content, Google have repackaged some of their ranking criteria to get tough on underhand techniques. This new release could have profound implications for your website and any article marketing campaigns you might be running. In fact, if you have blogs and articles on your website, you may already have been penalised for bad practice.

If you use articles for marketing and SEO purposes, you need to urgently review the content you’re paying for and make sure your writers know about […]

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Web copywriting: The best 404 pages, pinned

April 19th, 2012
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Most of our web copywriting projects don’t include any copy for the 404 page, but maybe we should think about writing some in future! Fresh from this week’s Popbitch newsletter, here’s a Pinterest board from Matthew Keys featuring the best ‘Page Not Found’ web page copy from sites all over the world.

I love the playable Pac Man game on the Blue Fountain Media website, but the text on the Huwshimi and Hootsuite 404 pages is great too.

Maybe it’s time we started including error pages in our web copywriting quotes?

http://pinterest.com/producermatthew/best-404-pages/ (Via Popbitch)

Incidentally, this week’s Popbitch features a shout out for the web design services of Northern Comfort. We agree: Rob is ace. If you need help with your website, email him right now.

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Christmas copywriting availability

December 9th, 2011

Both Mathew and I are extremely busy at the moment as Mathew’s been quite poorly this week. He’s soldiering through with a jumbo pack of Lemsip so we can get ahead before the Christmas break.

We very rarely close completely, but over the Christmas period we’ll try to stop working for a few days! If you have discussed a copywriting or screencasting project with us recently but have not yet confirmed the estimate, please book it in as soon as you can.

Over Christmas, we are planning to be available as follows:

Friday 23rd Urgent/ scheduled work only
Christmas Eve Closed
Christmas Day Closed
Boxing Day Closed
Tuesday 27th Urgent/ scheduled work only
Wednesday 28th Open
Thursday 29th Open
Friday 30th Open
Saturday 31st Urgent/ scheduled work only
New Year’s Day Urgent/ scheduled work only
Monday 2nd January Urgent/ scheduled work only


If there is any change of plan, we’ll post a note on our Twitter feed.

Please note: If you have regular, scheduled work booked in with us (i.e. Read More