Web copywriting: The best 404 pages, pinned

Most of our web copywriting projects don't include any copy for the 404 page, but maybe we should think about writing some in future! Fresh from this week's Popbitch newsletter, here's a Pinterest board from Matthew Keys featuring the best 'Page Not Found' web page copy from sites all over the world. I love the playable Pac Man game on the Blue Fountain Media website, but the text on the Huwshimi and Hootsuite 404 pages is great too. Maybe it's time we s...

GoCardless Paylinks: Finally, a PayPal Alternative?

GoCardless Paylinks: Finally, a PayPal Alternative?
 £50 credit towards GoCardless fees: simply use our referral link. I've had an eBay account since 2002 (yikes!), so I was a very early adopter of PayPal. Although I think they've improved over the last couple of years, I still don't really like to use the service. In my experience, their refund and dispute policies are questionable, their fees are extortionate and their support is pretty dire. We've been looking for an alternative for a long time, an

Articles for SEO: what your writer needs to know

A number of clients contact us about articles for SEO, or want to start new SEO web content assignments, but often it's the first time they've hired a copywriter. It's totally normal to be new to the idea. There are a number of things we need to know before we can get started, and if you can prep some details upfront, the price we give you will be more accurate and the project will also start more quickly. If you're thinking of hiring a blogger or having ...
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