Copywriters: need some linguistic inspiration?

Copywriters are always searching for the perfect word or phrase to describe a concept or sell a product. Sometimes the perfect words are difficult to come by. If you've ever needed a word to describe 'a face badly in need of a fist', 'a beautiful girl viewed from behind' or 'the itchiness that overcomes the upper lip just before taking a sip of whiskey', you're in luck. Copywriters should take inspiration from this excellent blog post: 25 Handy Words That

Reviews: TEFL Express course from Groupon

Reviews: TEFL Express course from Groupon
The TEFL Express qualifications from Groupon look promising at first glance. However, buying courses online can be risky in any profession. There's also the issue of the cost savings, which you have to weigh up against the quality of the material. Full TEFL courses take quite a long time to obtain (and are quite expensive), so I was excited to see this offer from Groupon for this course at 82% off RRP. However, it is a cut-down, online-only versi
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