Writing a software user guide

Last night our first large software user guide rolled off the printer. It's so big that we actually ran out of white paper half way through. We've done lots of technical web content and small user guides in the past (there's one in our copywriting Portfolio), but this is the first really big software user guide we've written. The last few weeks have been very busy, but we're really pleased with the results. This user guide will be output as webhelp, but we

The quirks of Word for Mac

While writing the manual for Progress with Quest, I came across a really horrible quirk in Microsoft Word 2011 on the Mac.PDFs exported from Word on the Mac don't have active hyperlinks. This happens no matter which settings you use: Save As PDF, or Print to PDF, etc. Exporting PDFs with links actually used to work in older versions of Word on the Mac but was inexplicably dropped recently.The lack of links in the finished document caused me quite a lot of
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