The golden rules of technical writing might surprise you

We've produced, edited and updated a number of software user guides in Red Robot Media's history. Technical writing is one of our key services, and the majority of the work we do - apart from blogging - is user documentation work. You might be surprised to learn that we try to encourage clients to trim down requirements, and we never suggest the production of documents that we think aren't needed. Here are a few of our other golden rules for technical wr...

Study reports 26 per cent struggle with instruction manuals

Fellow technical writers may be interested to read this piece in the Daily Mail. In a thinly-veiled advertisement for a tech support helpline, the report claims that 26 per cent of people have their Christmas Day fun ruined by complicated instruction manuals. I don't mean to take this festive survey too seriously - especially given the sources involved. But can it really be the case that technical writing causes still causes problems for users? I'd be i

Red Robot blog for People Per Hour

A few days ago, I wrote about my experience as a freelance copywriter, and my tips on bidding for work via People Per Hour.Today is National Freelancers Day, so People Per Hour published a re-worked version of my post on their blog.People Per Hour is an intermediary site which brings clients and freelancers together, allowing easy outsourcing of work for a mutually agreed price. Although working entirely online can be risky, this kind of intermediary servi

Red Robot wins two more awards on People Per Hour

This morning we awoke to find Red Robot had won two awards on People Per Hour! I had been monitoring the Top Ten Freelancers board hoping we would win a prize, but we also won a second award which we weren't expecting.First off, we again came 7th in the Top Ten Freelancers list for August, having hit the number eight spot in July. In both months I was the highest ranked copywriter and/or technical author out of 146,000 freelancers working through the site.
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