SEO copywriting: what will my article cost?

The value of content is something I get really vocal about. You might have noticed if you've read my previous blog on the subject. Yes, SEO copywriting can be cheap - particularly if you buy it from a freelancer 'sweatshop' or content factory. But fair pay is always the best way to go, and you'll always get a better result that way. If the content on your site is well-written and engages your customers, you have the copy writer you're looking for. If your

How an SEO copywriter can promote your blog

Hiring an SEO copywriter is a great way to increase the visibility of your website. Most of the clients I write for see significant benefits from the money they spend on article marketing; it's very cost effective compared to PPC or offline advertising.But once you have the content from an SEO copywriter, how do you promote it? That's the next step in the process. It's no good posting content and hoping it will get picked up by accident: in general, it won

Articles for SEO: what your writer needs to know

A number of clients contact us about articles for SEO, or want to start new SEO web content assignments, but often it's the first time they've hired a copywriter. It's totally normal to be new to the idea. There are a number of things we need to know before we can get started, and if you can prep some details upfront, the price we give you will be more accurate and the project will also start more quickly. If you're thinking of hiring a blogger or having ...
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