PeoplePerHour apologise for service fee hike

PeoplePerHour staff have posted a new forum thread with an announcement about their new fees. Over one year, a freelancer issuing a weekly £10 invoice could expect to pay £23.40 commission. They now pay £104, and the new fees were applied from last week. On the day the new fees kicked in, no part of the site had been changed and no announcement had been made. Freelancers do not disagree with the new fees, but they are angry that they were introduced with...

People Per Hour: More Rising Fees at Freelancer Site

People Per Hour: More Rising Fees at Freelancer Site
This blog post is now out of date. Red Robot Media no longer uses People Per Hour. I'm leaving the post online in case it helps other freelancers. - Claire (August 2013). Over the weekend I examined a recent payment I'd received on People Per Hour. I noticed that their commission increased suddenly and without warning. My weekly invoice for this client, which is only for £20, normally attracts a fee of 4.5% - in other words, 90p. I was surpris
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