Dealing with small business cash flow problems

Learning to deal with small business cash flow problems is a lesson often learned the hard way. It's easy enough to ask the bank for help, but they're not always willing to lend, particularly if you're a new business without a proven track record.This post from The Start Up Donut contains a few ideas for solving small business cash flow before they wreak havoc, helping you to get invoices paid quickly. We've used a few of these techniques to avoid borrowin

Review: MyBusinessWorks Credit Focus

Review: MyBusinessWorks Credit Focus
If you have a Barclays business account, you might have been told about MyBusinessWorks and Credit Focus. The two products offer a package of benefits to Barclays customers, such as credit checking, in return for a subscription fee. In this review, we'll look at how Credit Focus works. We used the application from January 2012 until November 2012. What is Credit Focus? Credit Focus is essentially an interface to Experian's credit reporting system.
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