Why Quality Content Matters for Your Website

Why Quality Content Matters for Your Website
In a previous blog post, I started with a well-worn phrase in marketing - Content is King. It is a neat little saying. But what does it actually mean? In that article, I used the importance of well-written content to justify my argument that it was very much worth hiring a professional to get it right. I did not, however, go into the whys and wherefores of the importance of high quality, professionally written content for your business website. So I tho

Apple marketing: why is it always 9:41am?

Have you ever wondered why it's always 9:41am at 1 Infinite Loop - at least as far as the iPhone is concerned? I won't steal the poster's thunder by telling you here. Instead, read the original post over on Quora. There's also a short explanation on Gizmodo, including some details about why some devices show 9:42 instead. I haven't yet got into Quora, but this kind of reply makes me think I should!
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