The Ceefax CV: a different kind of digital switchover

Gaudy CVs are usually unreadable, and unless you have a great eye for design, you're unlikely to impress recruiters by bucking the trend. However, there are exceptions.Zef Narkiewicz has created an incredible CV that mimics pages from Ceefax, right down to the lift muzak and pixel graphics (I especially love the web cam). All that's missing is Bamber Boozler.London switched off its analogue TV broadcasts this week, and this CV is a timely tribute to a mode

Study reports 26 per cent struggle with instruction manuals

Fellow technical writers may be interested to read this piece in the Daily Mail. In a thinly-veiled advertisement for a tech support helpline, the report claims that 26 per cent of people have their Christmas Day fun ruined by complicated instruction manuals. I don't mean to take this festive survey too seriously - especially given the sources involved. But can it really be the case that technical writing causes still causes problems for users? I'd be i
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