What we’ve been up to: 1st June 2012

It's been a mad week this week at Red Robot Media! We're getting ahead of our workload before we take a short break, and both Mathew and I are rounding off as many projects as we can so we have time to relax and unwind.Claire's work this weekBloggingI've been doing my usual round of IT, gadget and cloud blogs and reviews this week, as well as taking on a few of Mathew's regular blogs to give him time for his training course. I'm doubling up on some assignm

The golden rules of technical writing might surprise you

We've produced, edited and updated a number of software user guides in Red Robot Media's history. Technical writing is one of our key services, and the majority of the work we do - apart from blogging - is user documentation work. You might be surprised to learn that we try to encourage clients to trim down requirements, and we never suggest the production of documents that we think aren't needed. Here are a few of our other golden rules for technical wr...
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