Freelance bloggers: are your article titles rubbish?

Tabloid journalists are paid handsome wages to come up with eye-catching headlines. You probably recognise this one from The Sun, even if you weren't born when it was published:This morning I read a really good article about headlines. It serves as a great reminder that titles really matter in freelance blogging; tweets and Facebook status updates are quickly washed away in a tidal wave of information. Bloggers need to craft a snappy summary in order to dr

6 social media tools for freelance article writers (and their clients)

As freelance article writers, we’re often asked to write blog posts and manage WordPress comments for our clients. We also look after social media accounts, making sure web content and blogs are well-publicised in order to trigger viral shares. It takes time to write content, and it takes even more time to stay on top of lots of different accounts and ensure you’re using them all in the right way. There are no shortage of tools for the job, but here are si

We’re available for urgent copywriting this week!

Got a short notice copywriting or technical writing assignment that needs to be completed the same day? We can help. Both Mathew and I are between projects this week, and we'd be happy to help with any urgent copywriting projects you may have. If you need app writing services or Quick Start guides for software products and services, drop us a line for a super quick turnaround! Just to warn our existing clients: we are having our phone and internet servic

Content marketing: humourous copywriting techniques

Advertisers and marketing teams use all kinds of linguistic tricks to make products appeal to us, and as copywriters, we have to pay attention to these tricks to create effective content marketing strategies for our clients. But sometimes it feels like things have gone a little too far. Now cosmetics come in man-size packaging, the race is on to find the right tone and language to advertise ‘female’ products to a male audience, and the gender split of lang
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