Our copywriting portfolio: Pinterest-ing stuff!

Our copywriting portfolio has not exactly set a shining example of what we can do - until now! Yesterday we invested some time into setting up a new copywriting portfolio on our website. It's powered by Pinterest, one of our favourite social networks. The portfolio page allows you to see a diverse range of copywriting and technical authoring content from one tidy screen. Pinterest is a great site for sharing screenshots and images, so we thought it would

Freelance blogging with weekly or monthly invoicing

The majority of our regular copywriting work comes from clients who need freelance blogging and article writing services. Mathew and I write completely bespoke articles and blogs on a schedule defined by the client: some order more than five blogs or articles per week, some order one a week, or some simply order a block of articles and schedule them at their own convenience.For new clients who want us to deliver regular blogs, we're standardising our invoi

Freelancers, Copywriters: Do You Publish Your Prices?

Freelancers, Copywriters: Do You Publish Your Prices?
Mathew and I have recently been thinking about various tweaks we could make to our website. We've naturally come to consider the issue of pricing; more specifically, whether prices should be published. There are two viewpoints: People like to see prices because they can make quick comparisons, or quickly calculate whether a service is within their budget. Freelancers prefer to price projects individually to ensure the price represents the time
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