Punctuation in website copywriting

Website copywriting is a tricky skill to master, and it's not just about words, tone and composition. Punctuation can have a big impact on the credibility of your content marketing - or your entire website. For example, look at this banner from a well-known SEO website. Do you think this looks professional? As a website copywriter, the punctuation above contains two elements I actively avoid. One exclamation mark is bad enough: three is really pushing

We’re available for urgent copywriting this week!

Got a short notice copywriting or technical writing assignment that needs to be completed the same day? We can help. Both Mathew and I are between projects this week, and we'd be happy to help with any urgent copywriting projects you may have. If you need app writing services or Quick Start guides for software products and services, drop us a line for a super quick turnaround! Just to warn our existing clients: we are having our phone and internet servic

People Per Hour: More Rising Fees at Freelancer Site

People Per Hour: More Rising Fees at Freelancer Site
This blog post is now out of date. Red Robot Media no longer uses People Per Hour. I'm leaving the post online in case it helps other freelancers. - Claire (August 2013). Over the weekend I examined a recent payment I'd received on People Per Hour. I noticed that their commission increased suddenly and without warning. My weekly invoice for this client, which is only for £20, normally attracts a fee of 4.5% - in other words, 90p. I was surpris
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