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Order blogs instantly with

May 19th, 2015
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7460433282_a4bfb72040_oRed Robot Media has expanded over the last four years, and we produce a diverse range of content types, from manuals and white papers to videos and training. Despite that, the humble blog post is still our most popular product, and we spend more than half our time blogging for businesses around the world. is a new website that makes content ordering easier, faster and safer. It’s brand new!

Here’s how Articly works:

  1. Simply select the content type and quantity to get an instant quote: no emails, no calls, no live chat.
  2. Happy with the price? Check out and pay using PayPal, card or Bitcoin.
  3. We deliver your blogs ASAP.

All of the content ordered through Articly is written by Mathew or Claire here at Red Robot Media. We expect to take on more writers in time. When we do, we’ll maintain the exceptionally high standards that […]

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Stop Content Theft: 11 Tools To Protect Your Blog

December 3rd, 2012

FPWhen we write for websites, we create unique content. That means it’s valuable and is unfortunately prone to being stolen or spun.

Unfortunately, there are still rogue publishers who make a quick buck by sealing content from other sites.

Article spinning and content theft are both hard to detect, but there are some tools that will help you protect your investment in the content you publish.

Free Duplicate Content Checkers

Duplicate content checkers scour the web to find copies (or near-copies) of your content. This is the first step in taking action and forcing the thief to remove the content from their site.

  • Copyscape is perhaps the most well-known free duplicate content checker. It’s quick and easy to check a single page: simply paste in the URL and Copyscape scans the web for copies. I performed a test scan using my Read More

How to write the perfect marketing email

July 1st, 2012
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We’ve recently set up an email list to send new and existing clients exclusive offers and updates.

Before composing our first ‘real’ Red Robot Media newsletter, I picked up a slew of helpful tips from this excellent SEOMoz blog post. I’ve written plenty of email newsletters for clients, but this post threw up some interesting points that I hadn’t considered before, such as the number of paragraphs an email should have in order to create maximum impact.

Some of the advice here is actually just good practice for web content writers, so anyone should be able to get some value from it.

How to Write Email to Get A Better Response Rate (SEOMoz)


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Content marketing: blogging vs infographics

June 4th, 2012
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Infographics. A great way to make stats and data accessible? The ultimate evolution of form over function? We’ve seen some infographics we like, but we’re also not keen on the pollution of Pinterest with enormous infographics that aren’t even readable on a landscape screen or monitor.

As for their use in content marketing – I’m still not convinced. We’ve thought about making one to publicise our relaunch later this month, but we’re not sure there’s anything to be said in an infographic that we can’t say in a good blog post. Plenty of faux-infographics tell the viewer next to nothing and actually make the information more difficult to digest. They may look nice, but it’s a waste of your content marketing budget to simply create pretty pictures.

Some graphic designers have taken to their blogs to discuss infographics, and both of these posts make some really valid points about infographics, graphic design and […]

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How do you know your content marketing is working?

May 29th, 2012
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Fresh content is the key to attracting traffic, and a well-tended blog is a great starting point. But it’s not just about creating blogs and articles. Once the copy is on your site, you must analyse your content marketing tactics and see if the content you’re paying for is actually working for you.

We’ve seen this in practice on our own blog. Red Robot Media published a blog about TEFL Express, and it’s attracted thousands upon thousands of hits. That’s not the important bit, though. The real giveaway is how many clients we’ve attracted from a content marketing campaign.

By measuring stats and diving into analytics, you can decide whether the blogs you’ve commissioned from your freelance copywriter are promoting your company effectively. In the case of our TEFL Express blog, we have attracted some clients from it, but that was more an accident than a pre-planned marketing move on our part.

Social […]

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