Hiring an SEO copywriter is a great way to increase the visibility of your website. Most of the clients I write for see significant benefits from the money they spend on article marketing; it’s very cost effective compared to PPC or offline advertising.

But once you have the content from an SEO copywriter, how do you promote it? That’s the next step in the process. It’s no good posting content and hoping it will get picked up by accident: in general, it won’t.

It’s important to remember that setting up a Twitter account isn’t enough to promote content effectively. Auto-posting links no longer attracts quality hits (or any hits at all). You need to work on engaging people, and depending on how naturally this comes to you, it can be quite time consuming.

I found an excellent post which covers the basics of article marketing and blog promotion, including a few ideas you may not yet have thought of. 

10 B2B Tips – Promote Your Blog

You can do these things yourself or ask your SEO copywriter to help.

Red Robot Media’s SEO copywriters often promote content on social media (including Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook) for a small additional fee. We also write press releases. It can really make the difference between quality hits and no hits at all.

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