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I’ve done lots of guest blogging work in the past; most of this was part of my project work for Wish.co.uk, our favourite experience website. The most prominent example is the article I wrote for lifehacker/” target=”_blank”>Lifehacker on their behalf; I also wrote for OlarkEventbriteSearchEnginePeople (three times), TalkingCents and Gizmos for Geeks (twice). Props go to the Wish.co.uk sales and PR team, including Sarah Ollington, for getting me the slots in the first place.

For Red Robot Media, I’ve guest blogged for BusinessZone and People Per Hour, and I’ve just taken a regular slot writing tech and business blogs for the Huffington Post on a weekly basis.

So why hire a blogger to write guest posts?

Guest blogging is a really good way to spread the word about your brand. But you’re not looking to promote yourself overtly. When you hire a freelance blogger to write a guest blog for your company, you want them to impart some useful, relevant information. You need a blog which gives value to the reader, in exactly the same way that you’d carefully hand-pick the very best content for your own website.

Really good content sticks in the mind of the reader. And because they’re not your regular customers, you’re subtly plugging your company to a whole new audience.

Finally, guest blogging is really cost-effective. The posts that make it onto blogs are there long-term, so the money you invest in your guest blog writer will pay dividends for months – maybe even years.

This evening I saw two great posts on Twitter about guest blogging: Penelope makes some great points in her blog, and this post from Social Media Today is also very good. (Ignore the title: it claims to offer reasons why your blog needs guest posts, but most of the advice is actually the other way round: i.e. the benefits it brings to the company who are providing the content.)

Interest in hiring a freelance guest blogger?

If you’re interested in hiring a freelance guest blogger, our team can help. Mathew and I write custom guest blogs, and we also ghost write blogs for clients too. Sarah, our freelance PR specialist, is a whizz at article marketing: she knows exactly who to speak to in order to get those guest posts online and generating traffic for your site.

Ready to begin? Just drop us an email.


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Claire Broadley

Technical writer, blogger, and editor at Red Robot Media
Claire Broadley is a freelance technical blogger for Red Robot Media. She works on technical and business blogs. If you'd like Claire to write for you, contact Red Robot Media now.
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