As a freelance technical writer, it always pleases me to see a brand new product come out featuring a manual I’ve written. Earlier this month, I completed my latest job for a company called Digital Field Solutions and their app, Formworks.

The app has been through rigorous Apple assessments and is now available free in the Apple app store. Details of the app can be found at

What is Formworks?

Formworks is an easy-to-use iPad app which allows you to complete forms on an iPad, anywhere and at any time. You can then instantly transmit the results back to the cloud for analysis in the office. It’s a particularly useful tool for businesses that are often out and about, collecting data from clients, taking orders or signing people up to mailing lists.

The app has a great handwriting recognition feature and integrates with a cloud site where you can create and manage your forms and users, as well as gather and download data. It’s essentially a simple and efficient replacement for paper forms.

The Formworks team were great to work with and I hope that they will continue to return to Red Robot Media as their product grows.

Why have a manual for your iPad app?

As apps become more complex, ongoing technical support will be a much more important part of the app lifecycle, particularly for business apps. A Quick Start guide or compact user manual can make all the difference, particularly for a new user who may not have much time to spare.

Writing manuals for apps is a new but fast-growing area for technical authors, so for us, it’s an exciting area. It’s a type of technical writing I’m looking to become more involved in, so if you’re looking for a user guide writer for an app (or any other type of software), please give me a call today on 0113 815 1850 or email [email protected].


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