It pains me to say this, but I’m running out of patience with Yet again, the minicards we ordered are off-centre.

Having Googled around, this seems to be a widespread problem. Graphic designer Andrea Arbuckle received off-centre cards from, and this thread on a design forum also discusses the lack of care in the cutting. Off-centre printing is also mentioned in this review on InfoBarrel.

The first time this happened, customer support at Moo said it was my fault for not centreing the front design properly, causing the design to shift to the right. That’s kind of strange, because the print on the back was off-centre as well, and that’s just a text field: no image alignment involved.

Also, if you look closely, the print is closer to the top edge on the left hand side than it is on the right. Seeing as my design was completely horizontal, there is actually no way this could be my fault: it must be a printing error.

After making it clear I should have checked my design, they re-printed the cards. They were off-centre as well, although not quite as bad as the first batch.

I decided to give a second try. I designed some more simple cards for Mathew, and this time, I manually measured the pixels in the gaps either side of the logo to ensure they were totally centred. I uploaded the graphic, and I didn’t touch it in the editor.

The cards arrived this morning. Off-centre again, front and back. Again, the back is just text I typed in to a pre-defined field, so there is no way I could have caused it.

This latest batch were not cheap: more than £20 for 100 minicards all-in. For that kind of money, I don’t expect to wince every time I look at them.

I may use again for stickers and labels, because their other products are excellent: we were delighted with the postcards we got. They do seem to have issues printing their flagship product though.

Let me know who you use for business card and label printing. Have you had any problems with

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Claire Broadley

Technical writer, blogger, and editor at Red Robot Media
Claire Broadley has been a technical author and web content writer at Red Robot since 2010. She contributes to dozens of websites, focusing on consumer technology, online privacy, digital marketing, and small business topics.
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11 thoughts on “Do you

  1. I’ve been OK so far with my business cards. However, you are not the first person I’ve heard complain about this.

  2. have now reprinted these for me after reading the blog. The second batch are spot on, back and front. I guess we have been quite unlucky. Going to use a template next time as an acid test.

  3. Moo printed some good cards for me last year, but this year they have changed their printer and are incapable of printing close to the original. They have printed the cards 4 times and they are either too light or too dark. The latest are lighter than the previous light ones I’d complained about! It’s completely incompetent and unprofessional.

    1. I had some done recently for my wedding invites and the colours were washed out which was a bit of an issue as they didn’t match the envelopes. We also found we could generate a quote for 20 postcards (or 40) but we could only order 60, and once the cards are in your basket, you can’t reduce the quantity – only increase it. Shame really as I enjoy using them.

  4. I had a problem recently when I ordered cards from Moo that included a line art image on a white background. The white turned out grey. I assumed it was a fault with the image so I changed to transparent and re ordered. This time I got a PDF proof and there was no sign of any grey, but on delivery they were on a grey background again. To give Moo their dues they refunded me. They seem to have some problems generating realistic proofs. They also said that they prefer PDF images – which I find odd.

    1. PDF is better because it can be vectorial, is ubiquitous and can even be read by the printer without any printer driver to cause unexpected problems (most drivers are far from perfect).

      That being said, there is no way a white background would become grey unless you had some very wrong calibration on your screen and the background was really not white – OR they had wrong calibration on their printers which printed the white as some grey, which seems to be the case here.

      1. I think so as in the second case they had added the white themselves to replace my transparency. Its odd because my company uses as well and we don’t have this issue with that design (which gets reordered with minor adjustments). It also has a logo on a white background.

        1. I’ve just had major problems with a print because of their bad RGB to CMYK conversion, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a few more glitches to their automated software 😉

          It’s not only Moo but just about every printing service out there that prefers PDF/X-1a, and the more I learn about this, the more it seems noone has a perfect automated conversion tool from RGB jpeg / png to CMYK PDF/X-1a.

          Some services only accept the PDF / CMYK with perfect dimensions, others let you upload anything and wait for the disaster to fix it (Moo), I must say I don’t think any of those services is ready for mass-market.

          You’d think that printing images is something that would be completely mastered as we’ve been doing it for at least 30 years, but it seems it’s going to take a lot longer for them to get it to the point where you can simply turn an image into a print without any surprises.

          If you need to print anything again, you may want to start with an indesign or inkscape (svg, much better because you can use it on the web and write it programatically) document, export it to pdf, and then use adobe acrobat pro to convert it to CMYK with the right color profile, converting greys to K, then saving it as PDF/X-1a. Apparently they can handle that…

          1. Then you should really try, I think they do better than Vistaprint, and they’re efficient and have some interesting options. Good Luck though, it’s hard to get good business cards apparently.

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