Red Robot Media welcomes business from clients in every sector and in every location. Our customers can expect a professional service and a proactive approach to the resolution of problems. We pride ourselves in communicating directly with clients, listening to their requirements, and responding quickly if a piece of content is not completely to their satisfaction.

In all cases, clients can request free changes to content within a set period providing they give us a clear explanation of the problem. They can communicate directly with the person responsible, and are encouraged to engage with the team and get to know us. We have retained many clients since the business was formed in 2010, which demonstrates the quality of service that we provide and the care that we take when developing content for them.

In return, we expect our customers to:

  • Speak to all representatives of Red Robot Media with respect
  • Communicate with us throughout the entire duration of a project
  • Read the information we send to them
  • Provide specific information about problems so we can resolve them
  • Pay us for the work that we have agreed to do
  • Deal with us as equal partners in a professional manner.

Disruptive, abusive, and uncooperative clients have a negative impact on the morale and resources in our team. These clients sometimes prevent us from dedicating the appropriate amount of time to other clients we are working with, which can impact service quality for them unfairly.

For these reasons, we will not tolerate any behaviour that is unreasonable or abusive towards any member of our team. If we cannot resolve differences with a client who we feel violates this policy, we will terminate the relationship and invoice for all work carried out to the point of cessation.

Everyone at Red Robot Media strives to produce high-quality work, and we all deal personally with our customers to ensure they get everything they need and no less. We are very grateful to the vast majority of our clients for supporting us in this endeavour.

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