The situation with Covid-19 has rapidly escalated with schools closing here in the UK tomorrow. We are looking potentially at further lockdowns in the coming 2-3 weeks. During this time we will be working as normal – or as close to normal as possible.

  • We will aim to process all work to the agreed deadlines.
  • We’re taking on new work as normal.
  • Some of us may be working outside office hours to incorporate childcare. During this time, you will find it easier to get hold of us via email rather than the phone.
  • We may be slower than usual to reply to emails. If you need an urgent reply, please resend your email with URGENT in the subject line and we will get back to you as a priority.
  • Please, please pay invoices on time. We aren’t eligible for any of the government help announced so far, so this puts us in a precarious position. If you’re unable to pay on time, please communicate with us. We want to help, we don’t want to cause you any undue anxiety, and there is always something we can do to make it work.
  • Please keep us informed of any changes to deadlines. For example, if a piece of work becomes more or less urgent than it was, it would really help if you could let us know so we can prioritise the most urgent assignments in the short term.

It isn’t going to be easy, but we can make this work, and we appreciate every single one of our clients sticking with us. We know you are all under pressure as well and we want to try to maintain as normal a service as possible.

We are determined to get through this as a team and come out the other side stronger. June 2020 is our 10th year in business and we know there will be many more to come.

If you have any concerns about work due, deadlines, payments or other issues, please drop us an email via the contact form and we will be here to chat and assist.

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Claire Broadley

Technical writer, blogger, and editor at Red Robot Media
Claire Broadley has been a technical author and web content writer at Red Robot since 2010. She contributes to dozens of websites, focusing on consumer technology, online privacy, digital marketing, and small business topics.
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