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Are you looking for a press release writer to get more coverage for your business? Hire a time-served journalist and former PR consultant from Red Robot today.

If it’s media coverage you’re after – in trade magazines, national and regional newspapers, digital publications, you name it – we have the experience and expertise to get the results you want.

So next time you have something to shout about, why not save yourself some time and trouble by outsourcing to someone who knows how to spin a story?

Hiring a Press Release Writer - It Makes Sense

Many businesses and entrepreneurs write and send press releases themselves but get frustrated when their efforts get little coverage.

If that’s you, we have the answer.

The best way to get coverage from a press release is to write it in a style and format that means it is ready for publication as it is, with minimum extra work required.

It’s those sorts of insights that get your press release published. That’s what you get by hiring an ex-journalist and PR specialist for the job.

Our press release writer will:

Our technical authors have many years of experience in applying consistency to user guides. With our support, you can iron out the wrinkles and ensure that your documentation is error-free.

Press Release FAQs

A press release is a way of letting media outlets know about your stories and announcements in the hope of getting coverage.

For businesses, media coverage is an important part of any marketing strategy, because it helps to get the company name out there to a wider audience and build up awareness of your brand.

Press releases can be used to support all sorts of marketing objectives, whether it is growing your corporate profile with lots of business news, positioning key people as thought leaders in your industry or promoting a positive brand identity with stories about community, charitable or environmental projects and so on.

The only way to guarantee getting anything published is to buy advertising space. This can be used for content that looks very much like a news story or feature, and you will have absolute control over what gets printed. This is known as an ‘advertorial’, and it works well if you don’t mind getting it flagged as paid-for content.

Having a press release published by an editorial team is often seen as a better option because it is free and there is a sense that your story is there on merit, not because you paid for it.

With a strong story and a well-written press release, you might also get picked up by dozens of different publications – many more than you could afford to buy space in. But whether that happens or not is down to the discretion of each publication’s editorial team, and they are free to edit your press release or use any parts of it as they wish.

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