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Do you need business copywriting services to support your marketing campaigns? Our business writers can handle on all of your offline copywriting.

We produce compelling, high-quality content that will help you to win customers and attract leads. Outsource your business copywriting assignments to us today.

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Our team brings together experience in tech, PR, marketing, and lessons learned while working with thousands of businesses worldwide.

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Give your business a unique and consistent tone of voice.

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Inspire people to take action when it matters most.

Inform and Educate

Position yourself as an authority in your sector.

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Outsource copywriting to free up resource within your team.

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Business Copywriting Frequently Asked Questions

What is business copywriting?

Business copywriting is a specific type of copywriting that helps to advertise your business or band. Business copywriters know how to use the right words and techniques to get your message across with the correct tone and level of detail.

Do you have any copywriting examples?

Yes, some of our clients allow us to share examples, but we don’t put them all on the site. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the website, contact us for more copywriting examples.

What are your average copywriting rates?

Business copywriting is priced according to each individual project. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, please send us an example from a competitor and we can give you a guide price.

Why don’t you publish copywriting service prices?

We don’t publish copywriting service prices because there are a lot of variables involved. We price work on time, not the word count, because some work needs extra research.

Should I hire Red Robot or a freelance copywriter?

There are pros and cons to both approaches. As a copywriting agency, we are able to take on work on an ad-hoc basis while giving you assurances of the quality of the work you’ll get.

Do you offer US and UK copywriting services?

Yes. Our writers write (well) in US English (AmE) as well as UK English (BrE). We use more than 10 years’ experience of AmE writing — plus a few clever tools — to be sure all of your periods and parentheses are in the right place.

Do you offer graphic design and layout services?

No, we don’t. If you order a report from us, we just provide the content — you’ll need to hire a graphic designer to do the layout.

Can you do custom research for a report?

Yes, we can. Please tell us whether you’ve done any research already. If you do, we can incorporate it to reduce the cost.