Our white label blog writing service lets you sell content to your clients as part of a marketing or web design package.

When you sign up a new client, you don’t need to hire a copywriter. Just pass their content requirements directly to our experienced bloggers and let us do all the legwork.

Once the content is produced, you are free to bill your clients at your own rate.

Red Robot Media acts as a virtual blog writing department, providing high-quality content on a schedule you define.

  • We deal directly with you, or the agency that you work for, so you retain complete control over your relationship with your clients.
  • You have the freedom to set your own pricing for content.
  • You can forward content to your client without revealing who wrote it.
  • Alternatively, you can outsource the entire process to us and simply send the invoices.

"I would strongly recommend them..."

“…for high-quality informative articles.” 

– Daire MacCarthy, 5shop5

White Label Blog Writing Service – Designed for Agencies

Our experienced bloggers have bylines on some of the world’s biggest websites.

We specialise in niche IT content, but you can outsource practically any blog writing tasks in bulk.

You can sell our content as part of a one-off website design or marketing package, or set up a weekly blogging arrangement with a client to generate ongoing additional income for your agency.

The hard work is taken care of by our writers, and it’s up to you whether we deal directly with them, or communicate through you.

Alongside our white label blog writing service, we can also supply other types of content on a white label basis, including ebooks, reports, static web pages, and press releases.

Getting Started With Our White Label Blogging Service

Using our white label content service is simple:

  • We’ll initially set up a high-level agreement with you and set pricing for the content you need so that your ongoing admin is kept to a minimum.
  • Once our agreement is set up, you just need to send us your clients’ assignments, and we’ll provide an itemised monthly invoice for all of the content we produce.

Here’s how it works week by week:

  1. Set up one work agreement with us outlining the agreed costs for our white label blogging service.
  2. Forward your clients’ content requirements to us, including the topics, and the word count or budget that you want us to work to. If your client is struggling to come up with ideas for blogs, give us some guidelines as to the kind of content they need, and we’ll do all the idea generation as well.
  3. Forward our title ideas to your client to check and sign off.
  4. Collect your completed content and upload it, assigning an author of your choice.

If you don’t want to process the content yourself, we can send each finished piece to your client directly, or create a draft in their WordPress site or CMS.

We won’t contact your client at any stage unless you ask us to.

Bulk Blog Pricing for Agencies

Red Robot offers bulk pricing on content for agency clients that exceed our minimum order threshold.

You can achieve the discount with any combination of content writing services that we provide.

For example, ordering more than 10 blogs per month is usually cheaper than ordering two or three. And ordering 3 detailed blogs is cheaper than ordering three short ones.

We will adapt our white label or bulk blogging prices to suit your requirements so that you always have a healthy margin. And you — and your clients — benefit from our usual customer promises, like high quality standards and free corrections.

Get a quote for white label blogging services.

We offer attractive bulk rates for high-volume agency orders.

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