Public speaking is an extremely useful skill to have in business. If you want to raise your profile, establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry and grab the attention of key audiences, delivering great speeches to the right people can be invaluable.

But like all skills, public speaking takes practice to master. And behind every great speech, there is a great script.

Red Robot’s professional speech writing service aims to give you the materials you need to wow your audience. With experience writing speeches for conferences, awards evenings, presentations and even TEDTalk addresses, we can save you hours of preparation time and turn your ideas into something both captivating and inspiring.

Get a professional writer to craft your speech and ensure you deliver a clear message.

Get a professional to craft your speech and ensure you deliver a clear message.

What makes a good speech?

Three key ingredients go into crafting a great speech:

  • Message
  • Structure
  • Delivery.

Red Robot’s speech writing service can help you master all three. Hire us to write for you, and we promise to deliver a speech with a clear purpose, a strong narrative and a style which will make you engaging and memorable.


If good public speaking could be boiled down to two golden rules, they would be:

  • Grab your audience’s attention early
  • Make it memorable.

To perfect both of these, you need a strong message. Something which makes it obvious to your audience right away why they should listen, and which is engaging and relevant enough to stay with them.

Our experienced professional writing team will work with you to identify topics to write a speech about. Once this has been agreed, we will shape it into a key message to organise the rest of your speech around.

A strong message can take all sorts of different forms. It is best to choose something which you can show real passion about, so you let your personality shine through. The best messages often challenge your audience in some way, perhaps to think in different way or carry a clear call to action.


The best public speakers are also great storytellers. Everyone loves a good story, and the best ones take the audience on a journey of discovery.

This is how we aim to structure all of our speeches. From setting out the main proposal and message, a good speech should be built around a narrative explaining and justifying the importance of it.

We will also work with you to include real life examples that help to illustrate your main points – anecdotes, case studies, memories. We will also strive to make your speech your story; audiences like to learn about the person standing in front of them, not just the topic,so it is important to weave as much of your experience into the narrative as possible.


We can’t stand up on the stage with you and help you deliver a great speech. We’re not in the business of coaching public speaking, either. But what we can do is write your speech in a style which helps your delivery flow naturally and decisively.

Great speeches are punchy, pacey, neither too chatty nor overly stuffy. They often blend humour with gravity, and use language to create an impact without using too many words.

We will shape the tone and style of your speech to suit your topic, your aims and your personality. Our skilled professional writing team are experienced writing for public speaking and understand the importance of pace and flow, and the need to be concise without sacrificing content, to give you the best head start possible preparing for your big event.

Professional speech writing for all business requirements

Red Robot Media writes scripts for:

  • Conference speeches
  • Keynote addresses
  • Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Pitches
  • Welcome speeches
  • Acceptance speeches
  • TEDTalk / YouTube speeches.

We understand that part of the secret to a great speech is the personality of the speaker, and how that comes through in delivery. That is why we aim to work as closely as possible with our clients when drafting speeches for them.

It is important that we capture YOUR ideas, YOUR turns of phrase and mannerisms, the little personal stories and asides which will help you make a connection with your audience. This is time wisely invested to guarantee you end with a high-quality speech that you can deliver as naturally and comfortably as possible.

Because of the need for a close relationship between speech writer and speaker, drafting a speech can take time. It will usually have to go through several revisions and redrafts, especially following rehearsals to make sure it fits the time allocated. However, we are committed to producing your speech in the most efficient way possible, with fast turnaround times and little fuss.

Contact our business content team for an initial chat about what you are looking for.

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Speech Writing FAQs

What are your policies on plagiarism?

We guarantee that all scripts we write for speeches are 100 per cent original. We will never copy content from other sources, including using speech templates that are available online. We are happy for any papers we write to be checked using an online plagiarism tool.

I need to give a speech that lasts 10 minutes. How do you judge the length of the script?

We start off on the basis that a 10 minute speech usually requires between 1000 and 1500 words. This is slightly slower than the adult reading speeds, but when you are giving a speech, you tend to slow down to make sure what your saying is clearly intelligible, to add impact and emphasis, and to hopefully allow for laughter and applause.

However, every person is different and every speech is different. The only way to time it accurately is through rehearsal. If a draft we have written comes in too short or too long, we will change it. And your speech writer will keep updating your script until you have your timings nailed in rehearsal.

Do you edit or customise existing speeches?

If you have a speech script you have written yourself and would like checking over and polishing, we will gladly do that for you. We will discuss any changes we suggest in advance, explaining how we think they would improve your speech, and only create a revised draft with your approval.

We can also turn generic speeches or templates into custom scripts as long as you have the rights to use the original material. Although we don’t use them in our speech writing, if you have seen a speech template you like and it is freely available to use, we can work with that.

Similarly, if you or a colleague have given a speech in the past which you would like to update and freshen up, we will work to create a new custom script from that too.

How do you charge for speech writing?

As with all of our professional writing services, we aim to be as flexible and accommodating to the needs of our clients as possible. Because speech writing can often require a certain amount of collaboration between writer and speaker, and may need several redrafts before timings and delivery are polished, our default approach is to charge by the clock for our speech writing services.

However, if you would prefer a clear idea of expenditure in advance, we can work with you on that basis, too, putting together an agreed package for a set number of words with a fixed number of revisions built into the price.

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