Well-optimised web content is an investment. It’s a critical marketing tool. As Google continues to refine its algorithms, your web content needs to be of the highest quality to compete in search. That’s where our SEO copywriting services can assist.

Your web content needs to be original, well-written and informative, pleasing your readers and eliminating duplication. And it needs to avoid Google penalties by being of an extremely high quality.

SEO copywriting is not just about keyword usage. It’s about crafting high-quality content that us authoritative, well-researched, and founded in facts and statistics. It’s about building trust with your audience by creating a friendly brand voice, while also delivering content that your readers value.

SEO copywriting is an essential component when getting your website ranked in search. Red Robot produces high-quality, original content that appeals to search engines and human readers.

Why SEO Copywriting Matters

Writing content for the web is a challenging process. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and penalties are an ever-present risk.

At the same time, you need content that can be found through organic search. And that content needs to be appealing to human readers as well. Red Robot’s team of UK writers believes in the power of long-tail keywords, good quality website content, and thorough topic research to ensure that your content appears for the search terms they enter.

We know that high-quality, targeted content that your readers love will automatically appeal to search engines as well.

SEO Copywriting Projects

Our SEO copywriters produce a wide range of optimised web copy. We write complete websites, ebooks, ecommerce stores, and even LinkedIn profile pages.

As soon as your web content is paid for, the copyright is yours. You alone receive that content. You can use it however you like.

Our content writers work to your deadlines. They can generate topic ideas, or work to titles that you supply. If you have an SEO team, just put them in touch with us, and we’ll liaise with them directly to develop a week-by-week content plan.

Your website content writer

Paul Newham

Paul Newham is an experienced content producer, copywriter, and journalist. He works on a wide range of SEO copywriting assignments, including complete website re-writes. Read more.

Got a question?

Our website content writers are standing by to answer your questions. Just drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you later today.

Web Content Examples

FAQs on SEO Copywriting Services

What’s the advantage of hiring Red Robot Media over a freelance copywriter?

We are technically offering the same service as a freelance copywriter would, in that we work ad-hoc and only charge for the work you need. The advantage of using our team is that we have a mix of skills, from journalism to editing to technical writing. So when you hire us, we pick the most appropriate person for the task.

What is your usual approach regarding keywords?

Our writers don’t prioritise keywords unless you ask them to. If you want to focus on keywords, they should be informed by your overall SEO strategy.

Instead, we work on concepts, and we do deep research to ensure that we explore a topic in enough depth to answer a reader’s questions.

In a blog post, this typically means looking at different iterations of a search phrase, and how that may naturally appear in the text of the page we create. Web pages are slightly different to articles and require a more focused approach to content creation.

We don’t keyword stuff, and we recommend that you do not add repetitive keywords into website content after our finished work is delivered. Keyword density is a fairly primitive measurement, and it’s always better to prioritise content quality over any measurements that your SEO plugin comes up with.

How do you make content search engine friendly?

We work with you, the client, to find important subjects to write about. Your professional copywriter will also look at buyer personas to ensure they are targeting the right audience at the right level of detail. We combine this with our topic ideas (and yours) so that we are targeting searcher intent.

To facilitate this, we recommend that you invest in the longest content that you can, since the extra word count naturally lends itself to a deeper exploration of a topic. Web content writing always works best when you are answering visitors’ questions in a suitable amount of detail.

What about idea generation?

We encourage our clients to provide rough outlines, titles, or a list of key information for each page. Our professional writers can help you to come up with a strategy that is manageable for you so that this does not take up too much of your time. Our standing pricing for SEO copywriting services includes basic help with idea generation.

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