Got something to shout about? A red hot news story you want to share with the world?

If you want to get a message out in the public domain as fast and efficiently as possible, a press release is the best way to go. Press releases hit a large number of media contacts, bloggers, and social media channels at once, helping you to get as much coverage for the same piece of content as possible.

It sounds straightforward. You may have tried it a few times, fired out emails to what you think are all the right people, and been disappointed with the results.

If so, you’re not alone. Writing and issuing a press release is one thing. Getting the coverage you want is a different matter.

Our team is experienced in PR, media relations, and content creation. That makes us the ideal choice when you need to create and distribute effective press releases.

Press Release Writing Services From Qualified Journalists

If you want to get the best results from a press release, it helps to know a few inside tricks of the trade. With a qualified journalist on board, we have an eye for a good story. know how to present your news in the most media-friendly way.

We also know how to present your news in the most media-friendly way.

Competition for attention in the most popular publications and websites is fierce. Simply sending a press release is no guarantee it will be published. Only the strongest stories, written with flair and precision, will get through the vetting process.

With our media experience at your disposal, we can help you shape your stories so they have the biggest impact. We also guarantee clean, accurate, media-friendly news copy which increases your chances of getting published.

Often, we see press releases that aren’t written the style of a news story – what gets referred to as ‘journalese’. If you send a poorly written release, someone will have to re-write your press release to fit the style of the publication. On a busy news desk when everyone is working to deadlines, this can easily mean your press release is put to one side. Issuing a release in the right style can make the crucial difference to it making the final edition. That’s where our press release writing service can make all the difference.

Media Relations

Gaining good coverage with your press release requires more than just strong writing skills. There are two essential ingredients.

You need strong knowledge of the media you are sending releases to. And you need to reach out and build relationships with the publications you really want to gain coverage in.

Publications, online news and information sites, and broadcast outlets are inundated with press releases which are not relevant to their audiences. In most cases, if the person receiving the press release does not see an appealing headline, they will hit “delete” without even giving the release a glance.

That is why we research suitable media carefully for every client. We will build and maintain a list of contacts most relevant for your sector. We take the time to find out what each target outlet covers, who their audiences are, and what they are looking for in news stories.

If we do not think your story fits with a particular publication, we will be honest and explain why. Focusing time and effort on realistic opportunities gives you a better chance of positive coverage than firing out releases and hoping for the best.

Part of our media relations service involves building positive relationships with key media targets. If you are really looking for coverage in a particular publication, it’s always worth a phone call or email to talk about opportunities, or ask if they are interested in a particular story. If you have struggled to get your press releases used in the past, we may be able to find out why, and change the approach to increase the chances of getting coverage in the future.

It may be that a journalist is interested in an area of your business you didn’t even think was newsworthy. We can help you to unlock those opportunities.

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Paul Newham is experienced in PR and media relations. Let Paul write your business press releases and get your message out on the web. Read more.

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