When was the last time you had a good look at all of the content on your website? Can you be absolutely sure that every page is the best it can be, with clean, accurate copy, strong layouts, and effective working links to other pages and sites?

Website content can get old and stale very quickly. If most website owners are honest, there are probably live pages they haven’t even glanced at since they went live, perhaps years ago. And old, stale content means your site is not working to its best, from an SEO and from a customer engagement perspective.

A content audit is the perfect remedy. With a fresh pair of eyes to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your website, you can quickly identify areas which need to be updated, refreshed or replaced. The result is better search rankings, more traffic, and more conversions from better-engaged visitors.

Website content is the text that fills static pages on your website. Our experienced content writers will review your website, identify areas for improvement, and rewrite the content to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Content audit service details

At Red Robot, we take a unique approach to content audits. We won’t confuse you with technical SEO and marketing jargon. Instead, we deal in a currency everyone can understand – quality.

We apply our years of experience as professional writers, digital editors and webmasters to carry out a full quality audit of your online content. Casting a critical eye over your pages, we will look for opportunities to improve the following:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Readability
  • Text structure and page layout
  • Accuracy
  • Style
  • Consistency between pages
  • Keyword integration
  • Headings and section hierarchies
  • Internal links
  • Captions
  • Metadata.

We offer our content audit service for all parts of a website, including static pages, blogs, news sections and case studies. While blogs, news stories and case studies will inevitably age, it is still worth checking them for quality. Every page, even in archives, contributes to the overall performance of your site. Quick corrections, tweaks or rewrites of less than top quality content can make a big difference to your SEO and content marketing strategies.

We aim to keep content auditing as simple as possible. After agreeing which pages, sections or sites we will look at, we will produce a straightforward list highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each page. For each weakness, we will suggest a remedy and a cost, based on our normal writing fees.

Because we keep things simple, we also keep costs lower than SEO audit services. We back our skills as experienced web professionals to improve your site, and do so in the most straightforward and cost-effective way possible.

The case for a content audit

The quality of your online content is critical to both your SEO campaigns and to your brand image. By leaving low quality content online, or allowing out-of-date material to sit on your site for years, you are damaging your chances of securing high search rankings and creating the wrong impression for your audiences.

Google search algorithms are known to take both age of content and quality into account when determining SERPs. The SEO pressure to keep websites up to date with regular fresh content is why blogging and news have become such key parts of digital marketing strategy. But static pages can also be penalised if they are allowed to sit unchanged for years on end. A refresh following a thorough content audit can help preserve those all important high rankings.

The way Google and other search engines judge quality is notoriously difficult to unpick. But it is now thought that algorithms make a ‘whole site’ judgement of quality, as well as assessing individual pages. This means that even if your core pages have been very well optimised, your overall ranking could be dragged down by low quality peripheral pages you have forgotten about. This is in itself a strong argument for making regular audits a part of your overall content strategy.

Finally, your online content is as much about engaging your audience as it is SEO. First impressions count, and if a visitor lands on a page littered with grammatical errors, which is poorly structured and difficult to digest, or which has obviously just been created to load keywords into, they are unlikely to explore more.

Prioritising quality throughout your site is all about conveying the right image – professional, reliable, authoritative. No matter which page they land on, you want your visitors to reach the conclusion you are a brand they want to buy from.

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