Success breeds success. Case studies are a tried and tested way of promoting what your business is capable of, and our case study writing services let you outsource the whole production process.

Our professional business content writers specialise in turning real-life examples of what your business does into engaging, informative case studies that spell out your key strengths and USPs.

With our expertise in journalism and in marketing, we know what makes a great story, as well as how to build a strong narrative that reflects all the best parts of your brand.

The more opportunities you give people to read about your achievements, the more new business you will attract.

"Attention to detail and professionalism…

“…a pleasure to work with.

– Kevin Stelfox, Retirement Solutions

Why Case Studies are Crucial

You can shout all you like about how great your business is and all the wonderful things you offer clients and customers. But what really brings this home to people is real-life examples.

Case studies are both demonstration and proof of your company’s credentials. They help to convince new customers to choose you by illustrating all the benefits you offer.

Case studies can be used to communicate general good news stories about your brand, or to focus in on specific areas of operation or expertise you want to promote. For example:

  • Demonstrating excellent customer service and how your company is prepared to go the extra mile to help clients.
  • Explaining how you add value to clients’ businesses, backed up by figures which show a positive ROI.
  • Shouting about innovation in products, services and operations, and how this has led to good outcomes for both yourself and your customers.

Every marketer understands the power of recommendations and social proof. Case studies are all about promoting positive feedback from your happiest customers.

Testimonials can also work in two directions. By writing a case study about work you do with trusted suppliers, you can strengthen the relationship by endorsing them in return and sharing publicity.

Case Study Content Pays Dividends

Case studies are very versatile pieces of online content. A strong case study demonstrating all the positive points from a particularly successful project or client relationship has a long shelf-life, and can generate traffic for months or years.

At the same time, case studies make great PR materials to use in media relations and blogger outreach campaigns. Publications and external blogs like real-life examples to bring features and news articles to life, so providing a case study or two can give you the edge in securing coverage.

Case Study Writing Process

Our business content writers will take charge of the case study writing process from start to finish:

  • We will ask for a brief outline of the story you want to promote, who the clients, customers or suppliers involved are, and contact details for the relevant parties.
  • Case studies always work best if the story is coming straight from the horse’s mouth – i.e. by quoting the people involved. So with your permission, we would always look to approach clients and suppliers to carry out a short interview with them, either over the telephone or by emailing some questions to answer.
  • Armed with these insights from the key people, we will then put together a first draft of the case study. With several parties involved, we know that the approvals process can take some time, with different people expressing different wishes and having different marketing and PR policies. Our simple rule is that everyone has to be happy with the draft, and we will liaise with everyone to get a final version all parties are happy with.

Once finalised, if you want some assistance promoting the case study amongst third parties, we can give you a helping hand with our blogger outreach service.

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