Posting fresh content, and improving the quality of your blog, is increasingly important as search engines become pickier about the type of content they rank.

But finding the time to write high-quality content is a challenge for every business owner and marketing agency.

Red Robot Media’s business blogging services allow you to outsource this important task.

Red Robot has been producing business blogs since 2010. We’ve worked with small businesses, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, and global brands. And we collaborate to produce the best possible business blog posts and articles.

(In fact, we keep our team small on purpose. Because we know that quality content comes from only the best writers.)

When you buy business blogging services from Red Robot Media, you’ll tap into the expertise of a writing team that incorporates many skillsets and specialisms: pro bloggers, technical bloggers, trained journalists, content strategists, and editors.

You get all the benefits of an agency without sacrificing personal service, efficiency, or deadlines.

Our writers have produced top-quality content for some of the world’s best-known websites, including the Huffington Post, the BBC, Lifehacker, Kissmetrics, eBay, Quidco,, and WhoIsHostingThis.

Hiring us is as easy as hiring a freelancer. But here’s the difference. When you buy content from us, you benefit from the expertise of a committed, tightly-knit writing team.

"We have found Red Robot Media very professional to deal with...."

“…Work is always delivered on time and to a high standard.”

– Mary Doyle, DQ Global

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Blogging Portfolio

Quality Content Matters

If you run a business, you’ll be well aware of the importance of producing high-quality content.

Hiring business bloggers is as much an exercise in quality uplift as it is in saving time — although it tends to solve both problems at once.

When we blog about your business, we are looking at two things:

  • adding value for your customers and leads
  • ensuring that we address searcher intent: the content your prospective customers are likely to be looking for.

We’re going to dig deeper, and write better, than your closest competitors.

Our business blogging service can incorporate idea generation, too. So if you’re stuck with topics, or you feel you’ve exhausted all of your ideas, our freelance bloggers will work with you come up with more. Sometimes, fresh eyes really help to find a new angle, and we understand which topics are likely to work well as articles.

Getting to Know Your Business Blogger

If you’re looking at hiring a blogger, you’ve probably already considered content mills and marketplaces. The key thing to remember is this: you need to know who’s actually writing your content.

For the content to reflect your business, and your brand voice, there’s no point outsourcing it to someone you’ll never speak to.

Equally, outsourcing different chunks to different people won’t work if you want to present a consistent voice.

When you outsource to us, you benefit from having a small team on tap. You know who is writing your content; you can get to know them, and they’ll get to know you. If you have a brand style guide or a list of dos and don’ts for your content, you can converse directly with your blogger to cement that into your blog posts.

Small Business, Low Cost

As a small business, we understand that hiring a business blogger can consume a large chunk of your marketing budget.

That’s why we have no minimum order. We don’t lock you into long contracts or complicated agreements. Just tell us how often you want us to blog, and if you want to pause the project for a while, you just need to drop us a line.

Our flexibility is a key part of our service, and it’s one of the reasons that many customers have been with us since we first started the company back in 2010. We value long-term relationships and hope that we can provide quality content for your business for many years to come.

Unlocking Social Media Shares

The first step in any social media strategy is to have content worth sharing. When you hire a freelance blogger from Red Robot, you’ll have firm foundations to grow your strategy. From the initial idea through to the content itself, we ensure that the blog we send to you is of a quality worth sharing.

Reading a business blog

Reviving Old Blog Posts

Many of the customers that come to us have hired freelance bloggers before, and they’ve run into a typical problem: their content is thin, short, or stale.

Our bloggers can look at your old content and rework it to add value and lift the quality. There are various ways to do this:

  • We can audit your site and improve what’s there. This means recycling the good articles, improving the good ones, and rewriting the ones that need to be removed.
  • We can supply a set of complete rewrites. You can post this fresh content as a direct replacement for the content you’ve already got. This helps you to build on your existing investment and make the most of the good content while removing the bad.

Even if you’re fairly sure that your blog reflects well on your business, we still recommend that you periodically review old blog posts and ensure that they are accurate, informative, and provide the very best information that you are able to offer.

And if you do identify thin content on your website, we strongly suggest that our professional copywriters improve it so that it doesn’t drag down your site’s overall quality score.

Blog rewrites can be tackled ad-hoc, or as part of a wider content audit.

Additional Content Writing Services

Our business blogging service can be augmented with lots of added extras that make your life easier, including WordPress management, comment moderation, keyword research, idea generation, and image sourcing.

If you need a content production partner to handle your whole website, you can hire freelance bloggers alongside content producers for your ebooks, static content, and white papers.

Our team even produces full system documentation, making us an ideal partner for technology companies.

How to Hire Freelance Bloggers from Us

You can hire freelance bloggers on a one-off basis to produce a batch of content, or engage Red Robot to write blogs for your business on a regular basis. Either way, hiring us on a freelance basis gives you valuable resource when your in-house team is struggling for time.

We pride ourselves on producing accurate, well-sourced, fact-checked, and highly readable content. You can credit one of our writers, or publish the content under your own name.

In an age of fake news and false promises, your business needs an authentic and trustworthy voice. Hiring Red Robot for business blogging can help to build traffic and keep your website continually topped up with fresh content. If you’d like to buy a sample blog, or discuss an ongoing content arrangement, just drop us a line to discuss our business blogging service today.

Business Blogging FAQs

What’s your pricing for business blogging services?

We like to keep things simple when it comes to billing, because we think it helps projects to tick along smoothly.

We charge a flat rate per word for ordinary blog posts, with no hidden costs or extras. Tell us how long you want your blog to be, we charge for the equivalent number of words, and nothing else.

That means you won’t be hit by unexpected charges as your project progresses.

We don’t charge un uncapped hourly rate, and we don’t charge you extra if we write over the word count for the benefit of increasing quality.

So if you ask for a 1,000 word post, and we write 1,200 words because we feel the topic needs slightly more content, you will only be charged for the words agreed at the start.

The only time we might veer away from our fixed price per word strategy is if you have a very complex or specialist topic which requires background research. If we think this is going to be the case, we will tell you upfront, and we will give you a fixed price.

You can pay for upgrades and bolt-ons, including extra strategy, image sourcing, and full research into topics and searcher intent. These are all optional.

All blogging services include free idea generation to help you keep your blog topped up with fresh content.

What kind of word count should I be aiming for in a business blog post?

If you want our definitive (and lengthy) answer, we have published our own blog post on this very topic.

In general, the majority of business blogs tend to order 500 or 1,000 word posts. This is the easiest and most affordable starting point.

If possible, we recommend that you order longer content, since many of the biggest brands are now blogging in much more depth than they used to. But you can always build up to this over time if you feel it’s necessary.

Evidence suggests that longer posts perform better in search engine results. We also think that higher word counts offer more scope to really drill down into a subject and produce something that is informative, unique, and engaging. But it really depends on what your topics are; your preferred search engine may rank a very short, well-written article over a very long, uninteresting, long article, so there is no magic formula.

In most cases, word count is about making the most of your budget and ensuring that you post on your blog as frequently as you can afford to. We are always very happy to advise on what we think would work best for your business.

Do I have to come up with topics myself when I hire freelance bloggers from you?

Not unless you want to. We work with many clients where we will come up with lists of suggested blog topics, and they will approve which ones they want us to produce. We offer that as part of the service, at no extra cost.

But every client is different. Some like to retain more control and generate topic ideas or blog titles themselves, others again have very specific ideas about what they want and like to write detailed briefs with sources to refer to. We are happy and comfortable working in any of these ways.

If you want us to do additional keyword and topic research, this may result in a deviation from planned topics. At all stages, we will keep you informed.

Do you need sources and reference materials to write a blog?

If you have specific source material in mind for a topic, that’s great. You, after all, are the experts in your field, and you are much better informed than us about where to find the best reference material on any given topic. But it is in no way essential. We are professional writers, and high-quality research skills are an essential part of the job. We produce blogs on a dizzying assortment of topics with no guidance on reference materials at all.

Getting under the skin of a topic, and doing our homework so we really understand it, is part of the service. We may ask for help if we need it, but we will take responsibility for ensuring we are up to speed. If you aren’t happy with a blog post, you can always request a free revision after it’s delivered.

Can you provide a trial blog?

Yes, we’ll bill you for a trial blog if you’d like to test us out without committing further. We’ll bill for this upfront. You’ll benefit from our usual corrections policy, which is outlined below.

What happens if I am unhappy with a blog post?

We provide free corrections within a fixed period; this period is usually two weeks, but it can be negotiated. Within this time, we simply ask that you check the content and tell us precisely what you’d like us to change.

For obvious reasons, we can’t provide refunds on content, since every blog we write is bespoke. But we will alter your content as many times as you like within a two-week correction window so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

And if you want us to extend or deepen a piece of content, that’s fine too. We’ll just bill you for the number of new words we’ve added.

How do I pay for blog posts?

We take payment in practically any currency via bank transfer. Typically, we work on a 21-day postpaid system, and we bill monthly for all content produced in that month.

When you first hire a blogger, you’ll probably be asked to pay in advance, either as a deposit or a trial. For long-term agreements, you may find it more convenient to set up a direct debit with us so that you pay for your content each month automatically. Direct debits are only available to UK customers.

You can visit our office in Otley and pay in person using a debit or credit card.

Other payment methods are available on request. Tell us what will work for you.

Can you send me some copywriting examples?

You’ll find examples of our high-quality business blogs and other website content in our Portfolio. If you need more examples specific to your niche or business sector, just drop us a line.

Email us now to discuss your project directly with a business blogger.

We can usually begin writing your blogs within a few days.

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