Business blogging is an essential part of every company’s marketing strategy, and producing high-quality articles is a very effective way to increase engagement with both B2B and B2C audiences. But many businesses don’t have any in-house writing resource, and finding the time to create blogs becomes difficult as other tasks take priority.

Red Robot has been producing business blogs for the last 7 years, working with SMEs, entrepreneurs, and global brands. We’ve supplied content for some of the world’s most recognisable digital brands and businesses, including the Huffington Post, Business2Community, Lifehacker, Kissmetrics, eBay, Quidco, and WhoIsHostingThis.

Business blogging services give you the advantage of regular content updates, but with the backing of a professional writer. Outsource your blogs to us: you’ll retain full control, but lose the hassle.

How to Outsource Your Business Blogging

You can hire Red Robot to produce occasional blogs when your in-house team is struggling for time. Equally, you could choose to set up a regular blogging arrangement with us.

Our business blogging service can be augmented with lots of added extras that make your life easier, including WordPress management, comment moderation, keyword research, idea generation, and image sourcing.

If you need a content production partner to handle your whole website, Red Robot can combine business blogging services with ebooks, static content, and white papers. Our team even produces full system documentation, making us an ideal partner for technical and IT companies. We pride ourselves in producing accurate, well-sourced, fact-checked, and highly readable content. You can credit one of our writers, or publish the content under your own name.

In an age of fake news and false promises, your business needs an authentic and trustworthy voice. Hiring Red Robot for business blogging can help to build traffic and keep your website continually topped up with fresh content. If you’d like to buy a sample blog, or discuss an ongoing content arrangement, just drop us a line to discuss our business blogging service today.

Business Blogging FAQs

How does pricing work for your business blogging service?

We like to keep things simple when it comes to billing, and we’re sure you do too. We charge a flat rate per word for our business blogging service, with no hidden costs or extras – you tell us how long you want your blog to be, we charge for that number of words, and nothing else.

We don’t charge you extra if we write over the word count. If you ask for a 1,000 word post, it may be that we write 1,200 words because we feel the topic needs that little extra. But you will only ever be charged for the words agreed.

The only time we might veer away from our fixed price per word strategy is if you have a very complex or specialist topic which requires a lot of background research. If we think this is going to be the case, we will tell you upfront. If you are happy to continue, we will then quote an extra research fee based on our hourly professional rate.

How long should a business blog be?

If you want our definitive (and lengthy) answer, we have published our own blog post on this very topic.

In general, the majority of business blogs tend to stick to either 500 or 1,000 words. Evidence suggests that longer posts perform better in SEO, and higher word counts offer more scope to really drill down into a subject and produce something that is informative, unique and engaging. But it really depends on what your topics are. We are always very happy to advise on what we think would work best for you.

Do I have to come up with topics for my business blog?

Not unless you want to. We work with many clients where we will come up with lists of suggested blog topics, and they will approve which ones they want us to produce. We offer that as part of the service, at no extra cost.

But every client is different. Some like to retain more control and generate topic ideas or blog titles themselves, others again have very specific ideas about what they want and like to write detailed briefs with sources to refer to. We are happy and comfortable working in any of these ways.

Do you need sources and reference materials to write a blog?

If you have specific source material in mind for a topic, that’s great. You, after all, are the experts in your field, and you are much better informed than us about where to find the best reference material on any given topic. But it is in no way essential. We are professional writers, and high quality research skills are an essential part of the job. We produce blogs on a dizzying assortment of topics with no guidance on reference materials at all.

Getting under the skin of a topic, and doing our homework so we really understand it, is part of the service. We may ask for help if we need it, but we will take responsibility for ensuring we are up to speed.

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